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  Hints and Tips for: CLUE Classic 
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 CLUE Classic Cheats

CLUE Classic

Subitted by:  Simon
Clue Classic by Games Cafe

1. Start a new game and save it.
2. Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog.
3. %appdata%
4. Open the folders "GamesCafe-->Clue-->#####"  (the last folder is a random 5 digit number 
   should be the only one there if you have 1 profile)
5. Open "save11.txt" in notepad. Again the number might be different if you have more than 
   one saved game.
6. Look for line 13: who_dunnit *yzooilln *dsrgv *xzmwovhgrxp
   These are the scambled codes for who, what, and where. Copy these 3 words to your hand.
7. Scroll down to your profile name: 

name scarlet
profile Simon
type 0
difficulty 0
cards *yzooilln     <--- paste them in here
cards *dsrgv        <--- here
cards *xzmwovhgrxp  <--- and here

8. Save and exit notepad and reload the saved game.
9. Hit cards and now you know who dunnit... ; D

Easy Win Super Sleuth Medal:
Submitted by: By - ROHIT JANGID

First of all you have to turn off your full screen mode. after this
start your game play with with six players. As the game start wait for
your turn then save your game in any file. Then continue the gameplay 
until you found the guilty person and the other clue card. As you know
the three clue card then immediately close the game by the X button on
the top right corner of the game. Then restart your game load your file
and then make accusation, select the three card and win the medal.

Tips and Tricks:
My advice is to take notes on every players turn! Take note of 
what cards the other players do not have, and take note of when 
they show cards...

For example let's say a player makes a suggestion like "Professor 
Plum committed the murder in the Lounge with the Rope", and Colonel 
Mustard says "I have no cards to show" Make a note to yourself that 
Mustard does not have the Lounge, Rope, or Professor Plum card. 
Then let's assume that Mrs. White says "I have shown a card" Make 
another note to yourself that Mrs. White has at least one of these 
three cards (lounge, rope, Professor Plum).
By taking meticulous notes on each players turn, you can use this 
notes database to figure out who has what cards... and by knowing 
who's holding what cards, you can decipher what cards are in the 
confidential envelope!

Easy Sleuth Medal:
Start a six player game. Save the game. Then, play the game and find 
all the clues. When you think you can make an accusation and solve 
the case, quit the game before making the accusation, but do not 
save it. Resume the saved game. 
When it is your turn, make an accusation.
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