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  Hints and Tips for: Code Vein 
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 Code Vein Cheats

Code Vein

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

True ending:
Collect all Vestiges before each boss fight and restore all Successors in the memory 
scenes during a single playthrough to unlock the "Dwellers" ending, which is the true 
(best) ending in Code Vein. To save the Successors, thoroughly search the areas before 
their boss fights. There are special memories called Vestiges. You need to find all of 
the boss's Vestiges before defeating them in battle. Collect all the Vestiges, then 
give them to the NPC that resembles Io to save the Successor, freeing them from stone. 
Since you must save every Successor in the game, you need to carefully explore every 
area before defeating the boss.

All Blood Code Locations:
Fighter: Automatically obtained at the start of the game.

Ranger: Automatically obtained at the start of the game.

Caster: Automatically obtained at the start of the game.

Berserker: Obtained by defeating Oliver Collins.

Prometheus: Obtained when you visit Home Base for the first time and talk to Louis.

Hunter: Obtained in the Ruined City Center area.
Mercury: Obtained when you return to Home Base after your first visit and talk to Coco.

Dark Seeker: Obtained by defeating Insatiable Despot.

Hermes: Obtained when you return to Home Base after your first visit and talk to Davis.

Assassin: Obtained in the Howling Pits area.

Atlas: Obtained after clearing Howling Pit and Dry Trenches. 
Talk to Yakumo when you go back to Home Base.

Eos: Obtained by talking to Io at Home Base after she becomes a partner.

Artemis: Obtained by talking to Mia at Home Base after she becomes a partner.

Heimdall: Obtained by talking to Jack at home Base after he becomes a partner.

Isis: Obtained after beating Successor of the Ribcage.

Queen’s Breath: Obtained after beating Successor of the Breath.

Scathach: Obtained after beating Successor of the Claw.

Harmonia: Obtained after beating Successor of the Throat.

Survivor: Obtained in the Ashen Cavern area.

Dark Knight: Obtained in the City of Falling Flame area.

Warrior: Obtained in the Crypt Spire area.

Queen Slayer: Obtained by completing the memory sequence in the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. 
Examine the axe found right after the first boss room.

Hephaestus: Obtained by talking to Murasame at Home Base after you obtain Scout I Vestige.

Ending Requirements:
Written by GunFu.

A simple and basic guide on how to get each ending.

In order to get the "Determiner of fate" achievement you have to watch all 3
 (and a half) endings the game has to offer. if you're having trouble getting the 
ending you want- you've come to the right place.

#1 Heirs (Bad ending)
Heirs is the worst possible outcome.
this ending will require you to kill (or rather not restore) all of the 4 successors being: 
the Rib cage, Breath, Claw, and Throat.
simply walk out of the door during each of the post-battle memory sequences and you'll end 
up getting it.

#2 To eternity

"To eternity" is what I like to call the "neutral ending" in the meaning that it is not 
bad, but not good either.
This ending requires you to restore at least one of the four successors (doesn't matter which one) 
but not all of them.
In order to restore a successor you must find all of the vestiges they have left behind in the map 
where they're in and restore them either with the help of Io at home base or with the successor's 
attendant who will stand near the entrance to the successor's crypt (the boss room) before defeating 
the boss and then interacting with the successor's statue during the memory sequence.

here's a quick rundown of the requirements to restore each successors:
Rib cage-collect and restore all Isis vestiges which are found at the Cathedral of sacred blood.
Breath-collect and restore all Fionn vestiges found at the Ridge of frozen souls.
Claw-collect and restore all Scathach vestiges found at the City of falling flame.
Throat-collect and restore all Harmonia vestiges found at the Crown of sand.

again it is very important to ONLY restore between one to three of the successors, 
not all four.

#3(+3.5) Dweller in the dark (Good ending)

"Dweller in the dark" is the good ending and has 2 different outcomes both of which are 
required in order to get the 'determiner of fate' achievement. the deciding factor on which 
of the 2 you will get is if you've restored all of Io's memories (Eos blood code vestiges) 
before defeating the final boss or not.

Outcome #1: not restoring Io's memories.

First of all in order to qualify for either of the 2 good endings you need to restore all 
four successors. (if you've read this far it was probably obvious)
an easy way to be sure you've done everything right on your first non bad ending run is to 
look for the: Isis, Fionn, Scathach, and Harmonia blood codes in your inventory, if you own 
all 4 you are guranteed to get the dweller in the dark ending.

Outcome #2: restoring Io's memories.

again by reading this far it would be obvious.
the requirements are identical to the first outcome but all you have to do is restore Io's 
memories before going down the elevator that leads to the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood.

The Eos vestiges are obtained from 3 sources:

After defeating each successor regardless of whether you restore them or not, their attendant 
will disappear and in the place where she stood will be an Eos vestige (with the exception of 
the attendant of the rib cage who's vestige will be collected during a cutscene)
One Eos vestige can be found at the Provisional Government Outskirts.
The final Two vestiges are found in the Provisional Government Center: one is obtained from 
defeating the hostile attendant found on the way to the elevator, and the second by smashing 
the wooden boxes to the right of the elevator and walking into the secret hallway until you 
reach the vestige.

Both outcome's ending cutscenes are the same. the only difference is that if you've restored 
all of Io's memories your character will say her name before the screen turns black and the 
credits start rolling.

again, while both are considered the same ending you still need to get both of them to earn 
the 'determiner of fate' achievement.

-=Final notes and advice (and some spoilers)=-
#1: The 'Heirs' ending is the only one that ends the game after defeating the Skull King. if 
you're destined to get the 'To eternity' or 'Dweller in the dark' endings you will have to 
fight a secret boss named 'The virgin born', your health and regen count will NOT reset between 
the two fights so I'd recommend to use a vivifier or a mistle root to go back to the mistle to 
save and restock. The virgin born will now occupy the boss arena even if you'll teleport away.

#2: If you plan on either getting the neutral ending in your first run or in your 2nd run after 
the bad ending I would highly recommend restoring the successor of the throat. the Harmonia 
blood code has one of my favorite gifts: volatile storm which is a powerful AOE ability. it 
wills also allow you to select Eva as your partner in both the current run and future runs 
by swapping to her while resting at a mistle.

#3: By completing the game you'll be rewarded with one out of two blood codes (or if you've 
got the true ending on your first run you'll receive both): Hades, and Queen.
Hades is Silva's blood code which specializes in heavy weapons and is earned by completing 
any of the endings.
Queen is the last of the Queen's 5 blood codes and specializes in ichor attacks and also has 
my favorite ability in the game (which can also be mastered and used by all blood codes)-
Purging Thorn. it can only be earned by completing the 'dweller in the dark' ending.

This is the first guide I've ever made so I really do hope it helped you in one way or 


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