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  Hints and Tips for: Colin McRae - DiRT 
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 Colin McRae - DiRT Cheats

Colin McRae - DiRT

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Corr Rallys:
When doing the Corr Rallys, if the race has a bend first, wait until the
other cars have gone then accelerate. This will get you out of the pile 
up at the first corner.

Accelerate about halfway down at the beginning. When you are familiar 
with all tracks, accelerate hard on the straights and brake a good time
in advance before a turn.

Selecting a car:
When choosing a car, look for torque rather than hp/tons. A high torque 
can overpower a car with more horsepower. The second best car is often 
more easy to handle than the most powerful one. You will often get cars 
as prizes. Try use them to the maximum before buying a new one (for 
example, if you do not win after ten attempts).

Brake early, then increase the speed carefully when exiting a corner. 
In races where there are multiple opponents such as Rally Raid or CORR, 
position on left side if next turn is a left turn and vice versa. This 
will give you a much better chance of exiting a corner first or block 
your opponents from overtaking.

Increasing speed:
* To increase your maximum speed (stats), go for Hill Climb, Windy Point A,
  which is almost a long straight with some turns. Try using the Toyota 

* To increase your average speed (stats), go for Hill Climb, Pikes Peak C 
  (or BC) with a Toyota Tacoma.

Cheat Codes:
Update by: djfp

Enter these in the game code menu found under Options:

Password        Effect
EAQ79LF4G37DB - All Liveries
25ATEU26BWD0B - All Single Events
9YME5A0H30HEJ - All Tracks
R8RNQ7NP6M0DC - Championship
4LAEYR10WLRC5 - Vehicle Set 1
LNBMGDCLPDMF3 - Vehicle Set 2
T0KVTQDLYM38G - Vehicle Set 3

Unlock Colin McRae R4 Bonus Car:
Finish in first place in all 66 events to get a 100% completion.

Unlock Ending videos:
Finish in first place in all 66 events to get a 100% completion to unlock two
ending video sequence.

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