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  Hints and Tips for: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
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 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheats

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Submitted by: David K.

If you're having a tough time, keep the following tips and strategies in mind to up 
your game.

* Find a favorite weapon. Not everyone is good with the same gear. Figure out what 
  works best for you, and then use it even if people try to make you feel bad about
  your success.
* Cover fire helps. When your team is nearing key enemy territory, come in with guns
  blazing. You could force your enemies to give up important ground, or they could 
  get hit by flying bullets if they emerge from cover. Either way, you've given 
  yourself more of an advantage on a tough approach. 
* Stick to objectives. There's a lot happening on a given map, but you have objectives
  and you need to remember them. If you stick to those objectives, you'll force your
  enemies to respond instead of allowing them to orchestrate unknown chaos, and that
  keeps the battle on your terms. 
* Aim for heads. You won't get head shots as often if you're aiming at the chest. 
  It's a larger target, but get used to aiming for the head and you'll score more 
  precious instant kills. 
* Don't skimp on grenades. If you can afford grenades, buy them and use them to their
  full potential. Grenades are a great way to force enemies to retreat or rush or just
  to give away their location while firing blindly. Any of those outcomes can easily 
  work in your favor. 
* Mind the sound queues. If you pay attention and have good headphones, you can hear 
  your enemies reloading or fleeing the scene. That's useful intel that lets you know 
  when to rush and when to hunker down, among other possible responses, all with the 
  comfort of raw data. 
* Monitor your radar. Since you have no way to personally know what's happening 
  everywhere at once, look to your radar for important clues as to your enemy's 
  whereabouts and likely movements. You can guess a lot about how the battle is 
  going. It's a resource you don't want to neglect. 
* Loot corpses. It's grim, but this is war. If you're playing with a suicidal teammate 
  who has good gear, stick close and grab goodies when he falls in a hail of bullets. 
  That can save you from having to invest in first-rate equipment for yourself, if 
  money is tight. 
* Study successful players. You're not going to be an ace all at once, but you might 
  be playing with someone who knows more than you do about a map or just general winning
  strategies. Watch them on the free camera, or even jump into the first-person 
  perspective of one of your more capable teammates.

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