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  Hints and Tips for: Create A Mall 
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 Create A Mall Cheats

Create A Mall

Hint - Need more popularity?:
Submitted by: RM

Build 3 clothing stores, 2 perfume stores, 2 jewelry stores and 2 shoe
stores. They are cheap and small, but the people love 'em! Upgrades to
other buildings like the bowling alley, department store and theater 
will add to your popularity as well!

Get unlimited builders 4 a while:
Submitted by: Minnike

First u build all the required buildings (dont build the elevators or 
info center yet) and fill all the open places except 1 with shops. Then
make sure u have +- 50,000 resources and about 40,000 cash. Now as fast
as u can, press the elevator and immidiat ly after that, build the info
center. Then all u have to do is keep on upgrading all ur buildings 
nonstop. As soon as u stop the upgrading, ur builders will return to how
many u had. 

* dont hire more than 2 workers otherwise it wont work. Only available in
smalltown the 4th stage.

Get over 4 billion dollars in funds quickly:
Submitted by: Belinda

A way to get 4 billion dollars in funds at the start of the game. 
This only works once you've got the restaurant and Info Center unlocked. 
You may have to try it a few times before it works but it usually does it on 
the first try.

1. Buy and place a Clothes Store anywhere in the Mall.
2. Buy and place a Shoe Store next to clothes store.
3. Go to Resources and buy the highest number available
4. Go to Entertainment. Buy and place a restaurant. Click on the tab constantly
   until it becomes available to place in the Mall.
5. Immediately after that, go to Enhancements and buy the Info Center. Click it
   constantly until it becomes available to place in the Mall.
6. Place it right next to the restaurant.
7. Once it loads, your funds should reflect over 4 billion dollars.
8. Buy as many Resources and Workers with your money as you can. Every time it
   reloads, click it again so you build up numerous workers and thousands of 
9. Your funds usually go back down after 8 or 9 reloads but by then, you should
   have accumulated enough workers and resources to buy everything you need and
   upgrade quickly.
10.You may also be able to get the 4 billion by just buying the restaurant first,
   and then buying the info center next and place it right next to restaurant. 

Sometimes this one works and other times you have to go through all the other 
steps for it to work.

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