Cricket 2008 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cricket 2008 
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 Cricket 2008 Cheats

Cricket 2008

Submitted by: Aditya

1.When you r bowling with a fast bowler if he is of right handed and if the 
batsman is right handed you can bowl him a reverse swinger by bowling him 
from over the wicket at full speed and he would be clean bowled even at 
five stars.

2.First place a fielder just outside the circle,in legside of the batsman 
parallel to him, and when you ball a bouncer he would be first injured and
he would be frustrated and will give an easy catch to the fielder.TRY IT.

Submitted by: yashraj

Place a fielder just outside the circle near cover.take any type of bowler. 
bowl a full leanth bowl outside off stump. the fielder will take catch & 
batsman will out.try this.i have bowled out australia on 0.

Submitted by: Yash

While batting, if the bowler bowls yorker delivery, then just press SHIFT+RIGHT 
ARROW KEY+D. It Will go to boundary. Try it...

Top Tip:
Submitted by: Aseem

Every team has it's own weakness by spin it's same for all international teams 
in test cricket. Spin-little outside off stump 2cm front of legs by monitor.
There should be field aggressive 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Submitted by: maniv

1)There is a simple way to make your opponent's top order batsmen in trouble.
 The way to do that is:If you are bowling to a right handed batsmen then place a fielder at 
 "backward square leg" and another fielder at "square leg" position.
 Then use a fast bowler to bowl a full length ball to the leg stump(aiming at batsmen toe).
 Then batsmen will flick it simply on leg side then it is a easy picking of wicket.

2)When you are bowling to tail enders in one day internationals it is advisable to place 
 "two gullies"in place for a fast bowler. 

How to take wickets:
Submitted by: Shubham yadav

just take indian team and take z.khan as the bowler 
and set 2 fielders just in the leg side if he is right hand batsman
and select press the shift button and bowl on he's shoe's front side 
he will be in trouble and throw the bowl to the fielder do it continuously one 
time he will be bowled.

India 100!:
Submitted by: Siddhesh

go to my cricket creat a player make all its attributies to 100 add him to sqad but don't quit 
go to information change his name and again add him to sqad keep doing this 11 times till you 
can see your players but add him onr below other quit it go to my cricket save to the roster 
play an exibiton observe the india team before it was 86 andnow it has become 100 .but when 
you enter the sqad the players are not there they have gone to the right hand side swap them 
and play a match try this.

Submitted by: Aniket

if you have to hit a simple six just go to the leg side of the batsman till the three
stumps are shown to the bowler from back side of the batsman.then when the bowler bowls on the 
correct time press left shift and press key which is left side for batsman and see the rapid sixes.
i have experienced that with6 sixes every over.TRY IT.

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