Cricket 2009 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cricket 2009 
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 Cricket 2009 Cheats

Cricket 2009

Submitted by: Ayush_best

Hi friends ,i m ayush from india. I m sending this cheat on 27th July 2008.

I know that this game has not yet released but some of them have it like me because 
my father works on gaming company in america.

OK ENOUGH Lets talk about cheats.........

While playing the game, (pausing) type these following cheats carefully without 
making a mistake.

Cheat        Result


Submitted by: abhishek

First you should take a player which is settled and when you hit a ball it will 
show ideal then if spinner is on attack move across leg step if the ball is shot
of length then press right,up arrow and hold press shift,s,d to hit a swip six.

Easy wickets:
Submitted by: R.Srikrishnan

When you are bowling in any pitch(not hard), just bowl in the umpire's hat with any
medium bowler. You will get easy wickets. Either bowled or LBW.

To hit 4 on every ball:
Submitted by: dakshesh

Bring the batsman on the straight line where the baller has pitched the ball then
press [Shift]+d+right key or left key.

Taking Wickets:
Submitted by: Sachin

To take the wicket, 
USe a pace bowler.
Do out swing.
And pitch to leg exactlyforward and bowl at full face you surely will get wicket.

To take wickets:
Submitted by: Mohammed abuzar ali

To take a wicket every bowl, just put the bowl right the front of the leg surely it 
will be bowled or catch in leg side try it . its my challenge.

Easy wickets:
Submitted by: vijay

Bowl with harbhajan singh of team india in the "w" instead of s before 
the run up. Place the bowling cursor behind the stumps and between the wicket-keeper
and stumps. When he will throw the ball,that the ball will go higher than the height
of batsman and will hit the stumps.
Do it continuosly and you will get six wickets in six balls.

Submitted by: saurabh

Put the ball straight infront of wicketkeeper in that white line you will surely 
geta wicket First take the ball and pitch it in that white line and we have put 
straight ball.

To take wicket every ball...:
Submitted by: Eshwar

To get a wicket in every ball in wet and damp piches...Bowl with spinners a lot in 
India use harbhajan and kumble and pitch the ball short and make it to turn along the 
batsman's leg with no pace at all......You'll surely get a wicket......Try this for 
all the 6 balls and you'll get 6 wickets in an over.....

Submitted by: prashanth

Pitch the BALL on white line sraight to the wicket keeper by pressing 'A',it does not lock 
the cursor then again pitch the ball wherever u want by pressing 'S' then while run up 
outswing the ball,you'll get full of catches,and it is very useful trick in test matches,i 
bowled out west indies 0/10 in test match.

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