Cry Of Fear Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cry Of Fear 
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 Cry Of Fear Cheats

Cry Of Fear

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Doctor mode:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Doctor mode.

Nightmare mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Nightmare difficulty.

FAMAS with infinite ammunition:
Successfully complete the game on the Nightmare difficulty to unlock the FAMAS 
with unlimited ammunition.

Hidden Package:
Successfully complete the game with the fourth ending to unlock the Hidden Package.

Successfully complete Doctor mode to unlock nightvision.

Bonus items:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item:

Camera                  : Successfully complete the game in under two hours and 
                          thirty minutes. 
David Leatherhoff's Axe : In the "Heaven" level, enter the code 
                          get the axe, then use it on a Twitcher.
Simon's Book            : Successfully complete the game on the Nightmare difficulty 
                          with an "S" rank.

Secret rooms:
Use the following secret rooms to change costumes or equip items and weapons:

1.At the start of Chapter 1, enter the first door on the left after seeing the black 
  figure walking away.
2.At the start of Chapter 6, search for a wrecked red car, and enter the trap door 
  that is next to it. Note: This room allows you to regain items and weapons that 
  were lost after the train crash.

Endings Guide:
Written by BlackMeem

-=Ending 1=-
Don't kill the Caracass.
Don't give the gun to the Doctor.

-=Ending 2=-
Don't kill the Caracass.
Give the gun to the Doctor.

-=Ending 3=-
Kill the Caracass.
Don't give the gun to the Doctor.

-=Ending 4=-
Kill the Caracass.
Give the gun to the Doctor.

-=Secret Ending 5=-
Finish the game with ending 4 to unlock a Weird Package in the 
secret room. take the package with you until you get to the college 
and find the yellow mailbox near the bus stop and use the package 
on it. and keep playing to the end of the game.

All Book Page Locations:
The first page is obtained after finishing the game. 
It explains where to find all the other pages.

The second page is found under a blue van in Saxon Avenue. It explains what 
grade you will get according to difficulty, syringes used, accuracy, etc.

The third page is found in the forest of Chapter 6, on the left side of the 
clearing where Sawrunner chases you after getting the doorknob (GRAB THE PAGE BEFORE 
THE DOORKNOB). It explains how to unlock the secret items.
The fourth page is found in the maintenance shafts in the subway on Chapter 4 (after 
getting the flares), there’s a corridor that has 3 fans. The middle one is partially 
broken. Crawl through the broken part, look to your right and head all the way down 
to the corridor to find the page. It explains how to unlock all the hoodies.
The fifth page is found after escaping the crashed train in Chapter 6, go to the end 
of the bridge. On the right hand side there will be a red broken car with a door behind 
it. The page is to the left of the door. It explains how to unlock the secret weapons.

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