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  Hints and Tips for: Cue Club 
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 Cue Club Cheats

Cue Club

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ahmed Wali

Type these cheats in the room.

Cheat          Effect
ccc>gravity  - makes like balls repel each other,and unlike balls
               attract each other.
ccc>marbles  - gives balls a glassy appearance.
ccc>sfx      - crazy sound effects.
ccc>gold     - unlocks the whole game.
ccc>reset    - locks the game back up again.

The ccc>sfx cheat is not really a cheat:
Submitted by: Sanjay Rao

It can be done manually. First, go to the cueclub directory and make a backup
of the audio directory. Go to the audio\wacky directory. Coopy all the files 
and paste them in the audio directory thus replacing all the files. Then open 
cue club and wacky sounds will appear. To undo, just replace the audio directory
with the earlier backup. 

Hint - Interfere with CPU shot:
Submitted by: Fahad Zubairi

When the computer is about to play his shot, quickly press the right mouse button,
then asgain press it with a 360 degrees revolveof the mouse. The computer will play
the shot in the wrong dirtection.

unlock all options:
Submitted by: conner54

Go into any open virtual chat room, and type this ccc>gold in the chat bar. Press 
[Enter] to unlock all options in the game. You will have gold member ccess to every
room and a 5 star rating.

Submitted by: robert

When you are i n a cheat room type in ccc>gold to get a gold mebership so you can go
in all the chat rooms and tornements.

Submitted by: himanshu

In snooker hit any ball with full force ball will thrown out from the board, and ball
got missed from game. when computer plays his turn he unable to hit that missing ball
and than you continue with 'play again'. your points will increase and computer will 

Full access to every room of cue club with 5 stars!:
Submitted by: Ammar Ahmed Kamra

First of all go to the folder where u have installed cue club is a folder 
named "save" in this folder there is a file named "member1" open it with notped here 
u will see the digits 1,2 or 3 which show the stars witch u currently have.chang these 
digits to 5.then save the file.and palay game with 5 stars enjoy!

Five star room access:
Use a text editor to edit the "member1" file in the "save" directory in the game folder.
The file will contain the numbers 1, 2, or 3 which represents your current number of 
stars. Change its value to 5.

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