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 Cyberstorm 2 - Corporate Wars Cheats

Cyberstorm 2 - Corporate Wars

Cheat Codes:
Edit your STORM.INI file to add the following codes, which will add a menu item 
that you can use during the game. The following list shows the menu functions 
that can be added (and what code will activate that function) 

In Screen "Herc Base":

Function                                   Type This Code
Get 1 credit                              - I'll Buy That For A Credit
Get 1,000 credits                         - Will work for credits
Get 10,000 credits                        - Mo money
Get 100,000 credits                       - Too much wheat
Get 1,000,000 credits                     - You may have already won
Get Mega credits                          - CUC
Max-O-Repair                              - As Good as it Gets
Max-O-Commander (Tech+Credits+Facilities) - You da man
Max-O-Facilities                          - Home is where the heart is
Max-O-Chassis                             - Must have!
Gain all technologies                     - He Who Dies With The Most Toys
Go back to normal technologies            - It was nice while it lasted 

Screen "During mission"
Heal selected pilots              - Tarsus
Repair selected vehicles          - It's just a flesh wound
Restock selected vehicles         - Feel my wrath
Reset selected units              - Go Go Power Ranger
Get Mega turn-based move points   - Fly Away
Get Mega turn-based action points - Vengeance is mine
Touch 'o Death (one)              - Did I break your concentration
Touch 'o Death (many)             - That must hurt
I am invincible!                  - There can be only one
Crush all enemies                 - Death to all who oppose us
Become another player             - Freaky Friday
Fog of War: Godlike               - Let there be light v2
Fog of War Changes                - Let there be light

While in the BioDerm facility, you can use the 
Ctrl - LeftBrace/ Ctrl-RightBrace 
to give yourself any pilot face.

Face select:
Press [Ctrl] + [Left Square Bracket] or [Ctrl] + [Right Square Bracket] 
at the BioDerm facility to select a new pilot face.

This code requires some familiar with Windows 95. If you don't know how to 
edit a text file then please read your computer manual. 

- In the storm folder search for STORM.INI 
- Open it with your favorite text editor (i.e., Notepad) 
- Find a line with two slashes (//) 
- Under the two slashes type in "There can be only one" without the quotes.

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