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  Hints and Tips for: Dare To Dream 2 
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 Dare To Dream 2 Cheats

Dare To Dream 2

1. Pick up the Key in the basement of your fort.
2. Use the key on the door inside your fort.
3. Examine the blue rock pile in the east forest of emotion to uncover
   some magic pills, then pick up the pills.
4. Use the pills at the base of the tree outside the barn.
5. Get some tree snot from the tree's left nostril.
6. Shrink down farther at the bottom of the tree and give your snot to
   the purple worm.
7. Steal the bucket of snot beside the purple worm.
8. Put the snot bucket on Bonehead's head.
9. Take the stick outside the barn.
10. Put the stick in the mouth of the tree.
11. Take the brick from the can inside the tree's mouth.
12. Shrink down some more and grab the stick from the can.
13. Put some of the spider web on the end of the stick.
14. Shrink down at the anthill outside the barn.
15. Blow up the trapdoor with your brick.
16. Go into the north wing and try to talk to the ant queen.
17. Go into the west wing and talk to the guard there.
18. Grab the keg from the dog in the barn.
19. Fill your keg from the bottle, at the bottom of the tree.
20. Shrink into the mousehole in the barn and light your stick with the
21. Enter the dark forest with your torch.
22. Touch the flowers in this order: Blue (dark), Green, Yellow, Cyan
    (light blue), Violet, Red.
23. Use your pills to shrink at the mushroom patch, then press the
    button on the muchroom.
24. Enter the cave and take the crowbar.
25. Use the crowbar on the rock in the overlook.
26. Take the lowest fruit off the smiling tree outside the barn.
27. Give the mouse the fruit, then leave the hole and come back.
28. Get the bean from the mouse.
29. Grab the nail from the mirror in the anthill.
30. Put the nail in the hole on the tree, near its mouth.
31. Climb the tree and talk to the bird.
32. Head right and pull up the hidden key.
33. Use the key on the safe in the anthill, grab the ring.
34. Give the girl in the castle the ring.
35. Talk to the ant queen, then grab the bomb under the fruit in the
    other room.
36. Use the bomb on the log by Bonehead and Cementhead.
37. When Cementhead yawns use the beer and the bean on him.
38. Approach the gate and use your unicorn key on the left nostril.
39. Walk through and you're done the game.

I will try to update this FAQ whenever possible, and if
anyone has any questions about this FAQ or the Dare To Dream series, 
feel free to email me at or ICQ at 9722762.

Also if you wish to use my FAQ on your site, all I ask is that you 
contact me first and ask me.  I haven't had a reason yet to refuse 
someone who took the time to ask.

This document Copyright 2001 Daniel Engel

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