Dark Reign - The Future Of War Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dark Reign - The Future Of War 
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 Dark Reign - The Future Of War Cheats

Dark Reign - The Future Of War

Cheat Codes:
In the game menu press SS ADN then type:

Code         Effect
darkpower  - max. power
darkinv    - invulnerability
dark20000  - money value 20000

All Missions:
Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa

This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the 
"shellcfg.h" file locacted in the "dark\shell\" directory. 

Change the   "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 150" 
line to      "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 157". 

The new "Cheat" icon in the lower left corner of the screen will 
allow any mission to be selected on the dial.

Hidden level: 
Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa

Click on the spiral at the level selection screen after completing
level twelve to play the Death Blow level.

Want 99999999 credits: 
Submitted by gooby

if you don't want to play proper missions and you go to instant action, 
go to the credits amount,you'll see there is 1500 credits. All you have 
to do is click on that and press backspace and hold 9.

* Set a few scouts, transformed as natural objects, along well-traveled
  paths and perimeter areas to watch for enemy troops infiltrating near
  your base.

* Don't forget that you can sell water before a Launch Pad is full. This
  can be crucial in case of a surprise attack during which you suddenly 
  need more defenders.

Mission select:
Use a text editor to edit the "shellcfg.h" file in the "dark\shell\" 
directory. Change the "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 150" line to 
"#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 157". The new "Cheat" icon in the 
lower left corner of the screen will allow any mission to be selected
on the dial.

Easter Egg:
In the final mission, there is a monolith somewhere in the northwest 
corner of the map. After destroying all enemy forces and accumulating
a minimum of 100,000 credits, the Easter Egg will activate when you 
move any unit near the monolith.

Dancing Skyfortress:
Start the tutorial mission which teaches you how to use the Advanced 
orders (unit behavior). There is a Black Monolith hidden east of one 
of the starting points. Drive your tank over to it, and sit there for 
a while. You will be directed to look to a position on the screen via 
a message at the top left conner. Now sit back and watch. (A similar 
egg exists on level 13, there is an island on the North West of the 
map with a Black Monolith, placing a unit there for an extended period 
of time result in the egg).

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