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  Hints and Tips for: Darksiders Genesis 
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 Darksiders Genesis Cheats

Darksiders Genesis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Skip Intro Videos:
Follow these simple steps to skip intro videos.

* Go to \ProjectMayhem\Content\Movies\.
* Delete, rename or move the following MP4 files:

How to Get Outlaw’s Abyssal Armor Shard:
There is a bonus chest in chapter 14 that you can get. In order to reach it, 
you need to solve a puzzle. You need to reach the platform that is moving on
the map. As you move along, you will notice a shelf. A column with a blue 
button is next to it. You need to jump on it and defeat the enemies that you
encounter on the way. 

Activate the blue button and move to the lower section in order to activate 
the first part of the door. When you go to the ride side, you will find two 
points where you can open portals. Open the portal and jump into one of them
to make your character jump higher. You will not be able to move your character

When you get to the desired height, hit the button on the right side of the 
wall. This will open the passage. Inside the chest, you will find the Outlaw’s
Abyssal Armor Shard. You will need this to complete the Abyssal Armor.

Strife Creature Core Setup (for Story and Arena):
Written by Colbat

Quick guide for my persjnal favorite build for Strife, suited for Story and 
Arena alike.

-=Quick Disclaimer=-
I do not intend to Min-Max my Builds further than necessary for my own goals 
(100% game completion).

At this point in time I have yet to finish the Story mode fully. Right now I'm 
still missing 7 Cores, so some things might change if they are worth equipping 
(hope so but won't expect it, the builds already pretty strong and plays 
perfectly into my playsyle for Strife).

-=Quick Tips=-
* Use all your Cores, irrelevant of the effect, until you can completely fill the 
  whole Tree! Your Stats get increased for all active Slots, with an additional 
  boost for every correctly corresponding core.
* Try to fill the 2/3 Star slots with 2/3 Star Cores to get an additional increase 
  in Stats until you can acquire the stronger ones.
* Many strong Cores can be bought from Vulgrim, don't be afraid to spend some Souls 
  for them, especially early on to fill 2/3 Star Slots with 2/3 Star Cores. You'll 
  get more Souls than you can spend before long!
* There are Cores to increase your Soul acquisition (ex.: Mammon (First Major Boss,
  therefore easily farmable). Very useful to get a major boost in Souls early on.
* Don't be afraid to take a disadvantage on a core, especially once levelled to 
  2/3 Stars they are by far outweighed by the beneficial effect on them.

-=Skill Tree Listing=-
The following is the exact arrangement of the Cores

Start - Nephillim Brute

-=Left Wing=-
[Attack - 1 Star] - Grubling
[Wrath - 1 Star] - Tidehunter
[Health - 1 Star] - Duskwing
[Health - Major] - Bellial
[Attack - 2 Star] - Stormcaller
[Wrath - Major] - Dreadwalker
[Health - 2 Star] - Fallen Husk
[Attack - 3 Star] - Fallen Hound
[Attack - 1 Star] - Feral Tidehunter
[Wrath - 2 Star] - Wraith
[Health - 3 Star] - Tidehunter Shaman
[Attack - Major] - Hollow Fiend
[Wrath - 3 Star] - Legion

-=Right Wing=-
[Wrath - 1 Star] - Acid Flea
[Health - 1 Star] - Demonic Magus
[Attack - 1 Star] - Flame Legion
[Wrath - Major] - Blight Cannon
[Health - 2 Star] - Scarab Hulk
[Attack - Major] - Ashworm
[Wrath - 2 Star] - Skeletal Soldier
[Health - 3 Star] - Legion Bomber
[Health - 1 Star] - Corrupted Angel
[Attack - 2 Star] - Scarab Queen
[Wrath - 3 Star] - Legion Champion
[Health - Major] - Tormented Gate
[Attack - 3 Star] - Spectral Angel

-=Bottom Part=-
[Attack - 1 Star] - Angel Champion
[Health - 1 Star] - Hellhound
[Universal - 3 Star] - Phantom Guard
[Universal - 1 Star] - Grub
[Universal - 2 Star] - Armored Flea
[Universal - 3 Star] - Flea Hulk
[Universal - Major] - Jailer
[Universal - 1 Star] - Fallen One
[Universal - 2 Star] - Broodling
[Universal - 3 Star] - Gholen
[Universal - Major] - Grinner

-=Necessary Cores / Upgrades
The following are either the absolutely necessary Cores/Upgrades, or those whose 
worth by far outweigh any other, therefore wise to farm as soon as possible/early on:

* Grinner
* Bellial
* Hollow Fiend (First Chapter, complete 3 times as it is a guaranteed drop!)
* Tormented Gate (Shop!)
* Ashworm (Shop!)
* Dreadwalker
* Jailer (Shop!)
* Blight Cannon

* Spectral Angel
* Phantom Guard (Shop!)
* Legion
* Flea Hulk
* Legion Bomber
* Tidehunter Shaman
* Nephillim Brute
* Fallen Hound
  (Skeletal Soldier) -> Mainly to counter the 1 Biggest weakness of this build: Wrath Buildup

* Hotheaded
* Deadeye
* In a Roll
* Evade Counter (Both)
* Rapid Fire
* Evade Combo
* Quickstep

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