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  Hints and Tips for: Deer Avenger 4 
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 Deer Avenger 4 Cheats

Deer Avenger 4

Cheat Mode:
Submitted by: Howard Jacob

It appears the is an error with you web site, becaus using as you describer, 
Shift [ ~ ] is what is suppose to show, but yours shows a medical symbol, and not 
the proper code at all, and is surely not on any keyboard that I know of, but can 
find the symbol you used with Word Perfect, or Microsoft Word. Most likely this is 
the reason it does not work running Windows XP Pro, 32 bit, and hopefull this is 
useful information for you.
Thanks for your time, Howard Jacob

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Attract hunters:
Hold [Shift] long enough and the hunters will appear.

Hint: Easy kills:
When you get all of your farts, throw some food next to a bush then press
[F5] to hide in it. When someone starts to eat it, press [F5] then [F3] 
and he will die.

Submitted by: Fisher

Press (shift) then alt then F8 for a humter to apear.

Cheat mode:
During game play or while paused, hold [Shift] and press ~ to display the
cheat menu. This cheat menu includes options such as God mode and force 
hunters to ignore you. Note: Some of the codes that are displayed in the
cheat menu will change some of the game settings. Make sure you know what
you are doing before you enter them, as they can damage or glitch the game.
To remove the cheat menu, press [Shift] and ~ again. Note: You must activate
the cheat menu inside your cave when you start the game for this to work in 
any of the four hunting areas. Note: If this code does not work, quit the 
game, then try again. 

Max Payne-style bullet time:
Press [Shift] + B + T during game play. 

Attract hunters (alternate):
Get the "Fart Power" up to maximum and get a Hot Dog as a Booster Fart.
Use it in Virginia and fly around. If done long enough, a hunter will 
appear. To attract a hunter fast, hold [Left Shift] + [Right Shift] + 
[Left Alt] + [F8] in order. A hunter should immediately appear.

Virginia: Best GPS:
Cross the long rope bridge and go over to the river. Follow it through 
the two mountains. When you exit the other side, turn right and it will 
be on the ground.

Easy kills:
Go to a bush and lay some bait next to it. Use the "Attract hunter" 
code to call a hunter. As soon as you see it, enable the "Max Payne-style 
bullet time" code. You can now kill the hunter easily, but do not leave 
the bush until it blows up. 

Pennsylvania: Boozer:
Go to the trailer park in Pennsylvania and start hunting. Use calls, 
lures, and farts to bring Boozer out. If their are other hunters that 
appear when you call, take them out. Boozer appears when there are only 
a couple or no hunters around. This may require a few attempts going 
back to Pennsylvania. If you have patience, Boozer will eventually 

Gun passes through Bambo:
When you go to select your weapon in Bambo's cave, walk up in front of the 
weapon rack and highlight a weapon that is close to Bambo's body (such as 
one of the rifles or the crossbow). You will see that the gun will pass 
through Bambo.

Virginia: Mountain access:
Successfully complete the game, then return to Virginia. Get into the 
jeep near the long foot bridge. Cross the small foot bridge and drive 
towards the mountain, keeping the driver's side door on the mountain 
side. Crash into the mountain so that when you get out of the jeep, 
you will be standing on the hillside. 

Wisconsin: Finding the General:
After you kill all the other Rednecks, go to Wisconsin and find the frozen 
pond. Go as far to the northwest as you can, across the valley and up to a 
somewhat small lightly wooded area. Just shoot bullets, fart, call or do 
something. The first Redneck that should appear will be The General.

Virginia: Zoomable Scope:
Find the white house with the messed-up fence. Walk around the fence 
until you see the scope on the ground.

West Virginia: Get more than one kill from one enemy:
When you get the SUV, drive it around until you see someone appear, then run them 
over. They will die and the spirit will go up. Let all that complete, then exit 
the SUV and get ready for a fight. Shoot the redneck's corpse, then have at it. 
They will come back to life and start firing. Kill them again and four a double 
kill. Also, if you need to change to their choice of firearms, just shoot them 
and you will get their gun. Note: You must kill every Redneck to get the SUV. The 
best way to do this is to kill all of them that are easy, then hunt the last three 
(El Nacho, Agent X, and The General). El Nacho and Agent X can be found somewhat 
easily at West Virginia if you go trigger happy near the farm and near the house 
with super scope. The General is found in Wisconsin in a special area.

Easy kills:
When you get all of your farts, throw some food next to a bush then press [F5] 
to hide in it. When someone starts to eat it, press [F5] then [F3] and he will 

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