Defense Grid - The Awakening Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Defense Grid - The Awakening 
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 Defense Grid - The Awakening Cheats

Defense Grid - The Awakening

Cheat Codes:
All cheat codes start with '=' or '4' (if = doesn't work, try 4), and can be typed in anywhere.
(Type them slowly if you are having trouble getting them to show up) Many of the cheat codes 
mark you as having cheated. Your save games will be marked as 'cheated' and you will be will 
be unable to post to leaderboards or get achievements. If you restart the game and don't load
any cheated save games, you will be able to post to leaderboards and get achievements again. 
There's a hidden cheat code in the last level - watch the waves of flyers, they'll spell out 
something special.

Code                 Effect
dnamuse            - Gives 100k resources.
chezanator         - Kills all aliens on the map.
kristalithan       - Kills all aliens with cores.
indesilvermoon     - The tides are turned on aliens who try to pick up cores.
jeanmarie          - Turns on/off the ability for aliens to pick up cores.
enzyme             - Level select

Level select:
Submitted by: RM

Type "=enzyme" at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Achievements (Steam):
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements. 
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", 
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to unlock
Alien Tears        - Earn a gold medal on all missions in the Story mode.
Annihilator        - Kill 10,000 aliens.
Arsenal            - Build 20 towers in one mission.
Base Defender      - Complete the Story mode.
Boot Camp          - Finish the first 3 missions.
Burn Baby Burn     - Build 5 Inferno towers.
Close Call         - Save a core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit.
Confident          - Use speed up controls for a total of 30 seconds in any one mission.
Death From Above   - Fire the orbital laser.
Diversity          - Build all tower types in one mission. 
Eradicator         - Kill 100 aliens.
Exterminator       - Destroy 1000 aliens.
Field Promotion    - Earn at least one silver medal.
Filthy Rich        - Win with 10,000 resources remaining.
Firebug            - Beat an advanced mission with only Inferno towers.
First Blood        - Kill 1 alien.
Flawless Victory   - Earn at least one gold medal.
Full Defense       - Build 50 towers in one mission.
Full House         - Build all upgrades of all tower types in one mission.
Full Potential     - Beat an advanced mission with only level 3 towers and no selling.
Great Ball of Fire - Build 5 Meteor towers.
Gun Crazy          - Beat an advanced mission with only Gun towers.
Happy Returns	 - Recover a loose core.
Head Trauma        - Build 5 Concussion towers.
Hey! That's mine!  - Kill an alien carrying a power core.
High Voltage       - Build 5 Tesla towers.
I Spy              - Activate reconnaissance system.
Indecisive         - Sell 10 towers in a single mission.
Kaboom!            - Build 5 Cannon towers.
Leadhead           - Build 5 Gun towers.
Liquidator         - Sell 5 towers.
Master Strategist  - Earn a gold medal on all Challenge modes.
Minimalist         - Beat an advanced mission with only level 1 towers.
Nail Biter         - Win mission with the last core less than 10 seconds away from the 
                     map exit.
No Sale            - No towers sold in a single mission.
Not So Fast        - Build 5 Temporal towers.
Overseer           - Build 5 Command towers.
Penny Pincher      - Win with 5,000 resources remaining.
Pew Pew            - Build 5 Laser towers.
Planet Defender    - Earn a silver medal on all missions in the Story mode.
Power Builder      - Build 6 towers within 10 seconds.
Pyrrhic Victory    - Shoot down flying alien carrying a core.
Relay Race         - Witness 1 core handed off 10 times within 20 seconds.
Retry              - Reload an earlier save checkpoint.
Salvage Rights     - Destroy at least one boss alien.
Sharpshooter       - Shoot down a flying alien.
Shell-shocked      - Beat an advanced mission with only Cannon towers.
Siege Breaker      - Survive 100 waves on the Grinder challenge mode.
Surplus            - Win with 1,000 resources remaining.
The Long Road      - Alien time until exit exceeds 5 minutes.
Tower Expert       - Build every tower and upgrade.
Well Invested      - Gain 10000 resources from interest in a single mission.
Xenocide           - Kill 50,000 aliens.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Written by zZz

This guide provides a useful list of keyboard shortcuts that arenít mentioned 
anywhere in the game or its manual.

If you hover over an empty space that you can build a tower on, you can press the 
following number keys (located on the top row of the character keys) to build the 
tower without having to use the mouse:

1 = Gun
2 = Inferno
3 = Laser
4 = Temporal
5 = Meteor
6 = Cannon
7 = Tesla
8 = Missile
9 = Concussion
0 = Command

Additionally, if you hover over a space that already has a tower on it, you 
can press the following keys to upgrade or sell the tower:

U = Upgrade
Shift + U = Sell

These keyboard shortcuts cannot be performed with your keyboardís numeric keypad 
(which is the 3◊3 cluster of numbers on the right side, if applicable).
If you have the tower menu open (to build a tower, or upgrade or sell it), you 
have to close it. The keyboard shortcuts only work if the tower menu isnít open.

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