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  Hints and Tips for: Delta Force 
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 Delta Force Cheats

Delta Force

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ankit

During the game, press the " ~ " key, type in the code and press ENTER.
(in some versions press the " ` " key,  type in the code and press ENTER.)
them in the " ` " console:
If the game is running continuously, you can use the up and down arrow keys 
instead of typing them in again and again.

Result                                    Code
God mode                                - iwillsurvive
Level select                            - letmego
Allow call for Arty                     - raindropskeepfallinonmyhead
Full ammo                               - takeittothelimit
Expert CPU                              - hitmewithyourbestshot
Invisibility                            - closetoyou
Set gamma level                         - gamma [number]
Toggle turbo mode                       - turbo
Ban indicated IP addres                 - ban  [IP address]
ban indicated IP address                - punt [IP address]
Mute indicated player's text talk       - bozo [IP address]
Faster running                          - turbo
Brighter display                        - sky
End mission and start next map on host  - resetgames
Stop game on host when mission is over  - LastGame

Win with no kills:
Complete a mission without proceeding (that includes restarting or ending 
the mission). Then click the "Right Mouse Button", then press "Esc" followed
by "Y" to end the mission. Look at your number of kills and you should have 0.

Press "T" to bring up a command window
AMMO   - you got what I need
REFUEL - big gulp
HEAL   - chiliburger

Hints: Sniping tips:
* Hide in a remote area, far from the battle. During the briefing, study the
  map to find a route that suits your sniping ability. Do not stand unless 
* When sniping, lie down behind a small hill on the ground. Then, go to Crouch
  mode and search for targets. Get down again. If you find a target, try to adjust
  your aim while lying down, then popup to crouch mode again. Repeat this until 
  you have a good shot and kill the target. 
* Because of the Voxel3 technology used to create the graphics, sometimes you can
  see other players through the rims of hills. Do not waste your ammunition on them.
  Try one sure shot. If you see that you would have hit, but only some mud splatters,
  wait until your target moves to get another sure shot. 
* In Multi-player mode, try not to lie down or hide behind rims of steep hills. 
  You will be seen easily. 
* In Multi-player mode, never take extra ammunition as secondary weapon. Instead, 
  take the claymore mines to secure your sniping position or important strategic 
  points (such as flags in CTF, entries to huts, etc.); or take the LAW to kill 
  snipers lying in small carvings, behind a fence or in a watchtower. 
* In Multi-player mode, swimming is a secure way to travel without being seen. 
  However, watch out for other swimmer's knives. Also, go to prone position before
  leaving the water. 
* It is always better to have a weapon with longer range than the others, but you 
  are only safe when you are out of their range. Take the long way around hot spots,
  then settle down and be patient.

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