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  Hints and Tips for: Depths of Peril 
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 Depths of Peril Cheats

Depths of Peril

Dear Friends across the world,

After extensive search across the internet, i found "nothing" helpful making this game
more fun. Afterall, what fun is gaming without a little "unfair advantage" ;)

So, i present to you, some Hex Edits for "Depths Of Peril", that i developed myself 
using the hex editor integrated within Cheatbook-Database 2007.

I recommend backing up the save-game files before attempting Hex Editing, so that you 
can revert them if anything unexpected happens(results in the game .exe file abruptly 
closing down with an error message).

the following path is the default location for your character files(.chr extension):

C:\Program Files\Reflexive\Depths Of Peril\User\chars\.chr

To Expand your inventory to maximum capacity ...
(you require to equip all 3 spare slots at the bottom of the screen with bags. Even 
pouches that hold 4 items a piece will do the job.)

* Open the CHR file in the cheatbook database hex editor(available in "tools" menu)
* scroll down till you see the word "bag" written thrice in succession followed by a 
  single digit number.[this text will be on the right side(alphanumeric part)of the 
  hex screen, not in the hexadecimal part]
* the number denotes the quality of the bag. Higher quality results in more holding 
* Change the number following the word "bag" to 7. After trying and testing, i arrived
  at the conclusion that the maximum quality of the bags is "bag7" that has a capacity
  of 16 items.

For your info...
bag1 holds 4 items
bag2 holds 6 items
bag3 holds 8 items
bag4 holds 10 items
bag5 holds 12 items
bag6 holds 14 items
bag7 holds 16 items (this is the max)

The default bag that holds 12 items is not visible in the hex and can not be edited. 
So after changing the three other bags to "bag7" your total current inventory will 
be able to hold a maximum of 60 items.

To Beef up the strength of your potions/foods/drinks/elixirs ...
(this can be done only if your inventory contains food/drink/potions)

* Open the CHR file in the cheatbook database hex editor(available in "tools" menu)
* scroll down till you see the word "food", "drink", "potion" or "elixir" written followed
  by a number.[this text will be on the right side(alphanumeric part)of the hex screen, 
  not in the hexadecimal part]
* the number denotes the strength of the item, and increasing it will result in a stronger
  potion in your inventory...

NOTE: you must be careful not to edit too many occurences in the chr file as it also contains
items that your vendors hold in their selling inventories.

To Increase skill levels ...
(start by assigning level 2 to each of the skills you want to increase)
(this will help you locate the skills in the hex)

* Open the CHR file in the cheatbook database hex editor(available in "tools" menu) 
  [try viewing the file in a maximised window]
* All the skills are there on the first page of the hex text visible to you.
* The number "02" should be appearing several times at regular intervals on the left side
  [the hexadecimal part of the screen] once for each skill assigned level 2 in your game character.
* This number denotes the skill level, and changing it to "0F" will increase those skills to the 
  level 15...

In the course of hex editing my DoP character, the following findings were made by me after 
lots of devoted hardwork...

It is possible to increase the quantities and quality of potions/foods/elixirs/drinks.
It is also possible to increase the skill levels of your character.
It is possible to duplicate and create items in the inventory.
You can increse the armor of each of the items worn by your characer to 200 or even more.
You may even give your items 10 magical attributes of very powerful magnitude.

[I was successful in creating a rare quality oak staff for my mage that has a speed of 0.65 
seconds per hit and renders upto 5000 damage in a single blow.]

Unfortunately i can not explain the details of editing items in writing because in the CHR 
files of depths of peril, the line numbers in which skills are edited and where items may 
be found vary from character to character as per the name of character, covenant, no. of 
items held in inventory etc... 

However If i could post screenshots in the cheatbook, that would help a lot in explaining 
how to edit items in detail...

Warm Regards

Submitted by: Debapi

Hello Friends,
I didnt get any cheat for Depths Of peril anywhere in the internet, so i tried changing 
the contents of the character file using a hex editor... and it worked terrific !!!I will 
share the methods with u all.
First of all u must have any hex editor... I use Hex Workshop which u can get here --> 
....just copy paste dis link in ur browser's addressbar.After u have ur hands on this 

software and u have installed it , locate the .chr file,which is the character file in 
Depths of Peril.The default location is 
C:Program FilesReflexiveDepths Of PerilUserchars(character_name).chr

Open this file through Hex Workshop and u will see dat there are various hex values on 
the left and text interspersed with dots on the right.Now u are ready for changing the 
following things in ur character :-

1) Item/Relic Specifications --
keep on scrolling through the text till u reach words starting with "Modifier" such as 
ModifierIntelligence# or ModifierDexterity#,etc. The # represents a number which indicates 
the level of ur item's power... for example ModifierDexterity9 is better than 
ModifierDexterity4.So if u increase this number u will have a higher power. (Also read 
Note 1 at bottom)

2)Food --
Again go through the text portion on the right till u find Food# .Here again if u increase 
the number following Food (such as Food4 to Food6), the food will replenish more health.(Note 1)

3)Potions --
Go through the text part on right side till u get words starting with "Potion" such as 
Method is again the same here.. increase the number following the word to get a more powerful
potion.(Note 1) 

4)Skill Points --
This is a bit tricky so be careful when u modify this.First of all say u have a skill of level 
17.U need to convert this level number into the corresponding hexadecimal value (theres a built 
in Decmal to hex calculator in Hex Workshop). Then using the search tool (in Hex Workshop u get 
this by pressing Ctrl + F ), locate the place where dis hex number appears in the left window
 containing the hex numbers. In case u get multiple locations dont panick, just be patient and 
change each of the locations one at a time. Then start the game and if u dont find the changes 
u wanted, just close the game,reconvert the changed number back to its old value and go to the 
next location to change the number dere. 

5)Bag Capacity --
This is simple. Go through the text part on the right window and look for words like Bag# . 
Increase the number (highest is 7), to get a higher capacity bag.(Note 1)

(Note 1)
Often, increasing the numbers as given in the methods above , makes the item unusable unless 
u reach a certain level.In such a case, decrease the number till it can be used in the level 
which ur character is in.However in case of food and potions, even though the game shows that 
they cant be used before a particular level, u can use them at any level. :)
Always remember to backup ur character before any changes, so dat u can return the game to 
normal in case of a crash.

Write to me at if u want any other informations.
wishing u all the best;
Debapi :D

P.S. I'll write stepwise guidelines for doing more neat stuff with your characters 
when i'm able to find time.
You can also discover these edits by doing some hit and trial. But do remember to make 
a backup of your entire chars folder in case anything goes wrong, so that you can replace 
the files and return the game to normal.

Tips and Tricks - A conduct strategy for general success:
Whenever away, pause. AS the game progresses, every minute counts.
Before each sell routine, enter the relations screen and go by each Covenant, and ask if 
they want anything. If they want something, try sell it to them at double sell price and/ 
or half retail price. If they say yellow, lower it by ones until it's green. Then sell 
everything else. Never buy potions, they're nearly useless. Always use food.
Don't bother actively leveling other Covenant members, just trade them in every time a 
better member is available. Use just the best one you have around at a time.
Finally, most important - avoid warring until the end of the game session. Base yourself 
some NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts) and avoid battling other Covenants. If you must battle, 
do it with an ally.

You can trade cash to the other covenants if you have some. Trade equal amounts, i.e. you 
give them 3 gold, put them to give you 3 gold. Click on your gold, set the amount you want 
to trade. Then click on their gold and set a like amount. This will increase your relations
with the other covenant without losing influence or crystals! 

Money Tip:
Once you have beaten the end boss, go back to your home town. When it is dark outside, 
(in-game), go to the crystals outside your home. Turn the two orange crystals off, then 
turn the two red crystal on. Click the center blue crystal for a secret passage which 
leads to usually 4 small gold chests. collect all the items out of these chests. If you 
want to collect them again, simply save and exit to the main screen, then click Resume 
Last Game. Repeat until either daytime comes or you are tired of collecting goodies! 

Killing quest bosses:
When you encounter a monster you have no chance of beating, restart the game, with other 
covenants set to a higher level than your own, preferably as high a level as you can use 
and still use the relationship trick.

Then, start trading equal amount of gold with a covenant (eg: 2 gold for 2 gold) until 
relationship is high enough to start an alliance. Then, select "adventure together" go 
out to where the quest monster resides, and hang back while the over leveled covenant 
partner kills it. 

Then, restart the game at normal difficulty, and when you get to the same quest, you 
can select "skip" and go merrily on to the next quest.

Cloud over party:
Get the level 3 rogue. Go out into the wild and/or hunt. There will be a little cloud 
and a sound above your party.

Increasing relations with other Covenants:
You can trade cash to the other Covenants. Trade equal amounts (for example, trade them
3 gold for 3 gold). Click on your gold, set the amount you want to trade, then click on
their gold and set it to the same amount. This will increase your relations with the other
Covenant without losing influence or crystals. 

Easy gold:
* Before selling, enter the "Relations" screen and go by each Covenant. Ask if they want
anything. If they want something, try sell it to them at double selling price or half the
retail price. If they respond yellow, lower it by ones until it is green. Then, sell 
everything else. Never buy potions, as they are nearly useless. Always use food. 

* Once you have defeated the final Boss, return to your hometown. When it is dark outside,
go to the crystals outside your home. Turn the two orange crystals off, then turn the two 
red crystal on. Click the center blue crystal to open a secret passage which usually leads
to four small gold chests. Collect all the items out of these chests. To collect them again,
save the game and exit to the main screen, then click "Resume Last Game". 
Repeat the process until it is day.

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