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  Hints and Tips for: Die by the Sword 
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 Die by the Sword Cheats

Die by the Sword

Cheat Codes:
Hold down "F1" while playing the game and type:
(cont holding F1 while typing the code)

Code      Result 
mukor   - God mode
qsave   - Quick Save
pause   - Pause the game
frame   - Screen Shot
golrg   - Makes you real big ( try typing this a lot ! )
btiny   - Shrinks You
tough   - Difficulty Level
mecam   - 1st Person View
gocam   - Stationary Cam
spcam   - Enemy Cam
bamff   - Sends you to the end level
gamma   - Changes Gamma Level
dedly   - Weapon Enhancer
sepku   - Kills you

Submitted by ronald garcia

while playing in any situation you may type in anything by
always pressing F1 and then holding it by typing in "mukor" 
that is god mode. "lunar" that gets you up in the air but 
be careful dont do it to much or other wise you'll get stuck.

Code      Result 
bills  - Bill's demo type thing
ifall  - Knocks you off you feet!!
hicup  - Throws you around!!
silky  - Stupid Monsters
lunar  - Low Gravity
funky  - Funky keys toggle
catch  - Out of World Trapping Toggle
aiaim  - Ai toggle
agrav  - Limb gravity

Code      Result 
bzone  - WireFrame/Shading/Nothing/Normal
fpers  - Shows "Sound Cache Misses"
goura  - Gourad shading
ntrud  - Selects An Enemy
plane  - Shows Protection And Damage Points
nfade  - Disable/Enable Pallate fading
gmode  - Faster cycles ( makes everything go faster )
colid  - Shows possible collision locations

God mode:
You can add "-god" when running the main exe for god mode also.

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