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  Hints and Tips for: Dino Park Tycoon 
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 Dino Park Tycoon Cheats

Dino Park Tycoon

Submitted by: Derek Burch

Go to the employ department and get 99 of everyone. Then start your park. 
Everyone will come so you get money fast!!!

Money Cheat:
Put one of your dinos in auction. at the end of the season go to the auction
and wait till your dinos name comes up and the bidding for your dino comes 
to an end when the guy in the front starts saying (#last price#)once..
Click on the help screen (the button marks with "?") when the help screen 
comes up push ok (the thumb)and youll go back to the auction room, but 
instead of selling your dino in the last price,the price will get higher
and the more you repeat the steps,the more money you get.

Please note that when you use the cheat the amount of money you get will not
be recorded in the dino auction account book,it will say 0 just like that 
there is a limitation to the money you can get in a single sell, but Im not
sure how much about 40 Million or so then again 2 Million is already more 
than enough, dont get greedy.

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: Marcel Yuwono

Go to the real estate building, then click cancel to get a $1000 dollars for
each plot of land that is purchased.

Easy money:
* Go to the real estate building, then click cancel to get a $1000 dollars
  for each plot of land that is purchased.

* In the employee hiring screen, choose 99 for everyone except 2. Then, 
  raise all you ticket prices to $5.00 then buy everything.

* This trick will get you all the money you could ever use. Start the game,
  buy one dinosaur, then put it up for auction. If you have not noticed this 
  before, every time you try to buy a dino and go to the price list, the bid 
  goes up when you return. When your own dino is up for auction, repeatedly 
  view the price list and the bids for your dino will eventually get to the 
  billions. You will now have all the money needed to build a dream park. 
* Go into the real estate office. Press the little circle with the line 
  through it. Now look at your money.

999 food:
Hold [Ctrl] and press 1 during game play. 

Always be bidder:
Whenever you are in an auction and you see someone start to bid, immediately 
click the "Bid" button. You will bid instead of the person who raised their 

Auction Code:
Buy a dinosaur. Then go to the office and click on General Ledger. Click on 
Inventory and select the dinosaur to be put in the auction. When it is time 
for the auction click on the auction symbol. When your dinosaur is bid on 
click the question mark at the bottom of the screen. When that screen comes 
up click on the thumbs up symbol.As you can see the bidding price rises each 
time you this. Keep repeating the last step but be careful when you get really 
high because then the price will start to drop.

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