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  Hints and Tips for: Dino Run 
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 Dino Run Cheats

Dino Run

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Admiral the Dino
Submitted by: RM

Select "Options+Speedruns" at the main menu. Then, select the "Cheats + Mods" option.
Enter one of the following passwords to activate the cheat function.

Result                            Password
Low Gravity                     - astrosaur
Huge Jump                       - leapinliz
High Speed                      - dinoracer
All Rocks = ballons             - goofballs
No Doom Wall                    - explore
Super Strong                    - calcium
Lots of Meteors                 - smokey
No Sun                          - goodbyesun
Lots of Hats                    - don8tosaur
Extra Hat (might be outdated)   - totinos

Well, that's all the codes I know! Hope this helps!

Egg locations:
The eggs can be found at the following locations.

T-Rex  - Level 3, in the right face of the hill with all the tunnels through it.
Giga   - Level 2, on a vine at the bottom of the big cliff.
Magno  - Level 6, inside the top-right of the first volcano.
Iguano - Level 4, inside the hill with the tunnels, above the waterfall.
Alien  - Level 5, halfway through the level inside the big meteorite on the ground.
Spino  - Level 2, at the bottom of the first big cliff all the way on the left.
Oloro  - Level 4, at the end of the underground part, on top of some platforms.
Rinch  - Level 3 Underground on a platform, as well as in the Planet D Speedrun.
Diplo  - Apocalypse, inside the top left of the last volcano.
Bronto - Inside last cave under the Insane difficulty.

Crossbones trophy:
The skull and crossbones trophy is a 10+ second "doom surf," which is when you are
right on the edge of the cloud of doom. My longest doom surf was 15.5 seconds, which
nearly gave me a heart attack, thank you very much.

Planet D:
You need to beat the game on Insane, and it unlocks. Tip: it unlocks even if you
are using all the cheats! I'm not good enough yet to beat insane.

Rinch Egg:
It's in the Planet D level! I'm using the DNA from the Rinch egg to build up my 
stats to try and make it to the Bronto egg.

Giga Egg:
The Giga Egg is on Rainin' Lizards - but only on the Easy setting - won't appear 
on Medium and I haven't seen it elsewhere. It's at the bottom of a huge cliff 
about half way through.

-=Eggs Saved=-
Bronze: 500
Silver: 1000
Gold: ?

-=Secret Trophy=-
Collect all Super Eggs. 

-=Runners Eaten=-
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000

-=Birds Devoured=-
Bronze: 30
Silver: 75
Gold: ?

-=Lizards Chomped=-
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000

-=Worms Slurped=-
Bronze: 100
Silver: 200
Gold: ?

-=Fish Gobbled=-
Bronze: 75
Silver: 150
Gold: ?

-=Dinos Saved=-
Bronze: 10
Silver: 25
Gold: 50

-=Dactyl Chain=-
Bronze: 2x
Silver: 3x
Gold: 4x

-=Boulder Riding=-
Bronze: 3 seconds
Silver: 6 seconds
Gold: 10 seconds

-=Doom Surfing=-
Bronze: 10 seconds
Silver: 30 seconds
Gold: 60 seconds

-=Secret Trophy=-
PixelJam's mascot! He is hiding in Level 6, on the left side 
of the lava pit/cave after the volcano.

Rinch egg and Giga egg:
Submitted by: Bloody Warrior0

The giga egg is on rain'in lizards but on normal go for a while then when a curved
like cliff comes fall down to the left and there it is. For the rinch egg play 
Planet d by beating challange on insane(can use cheats) then play it on normal 
then keep running 4 a while then when you can fall in to a hole fall in it then
take advantage off the low grav when a platform in mid-air comes jump grab it 
and run.

Easter Egg - location of bronto egg:
Submitted by: jessica

The location of the bronto egg: It's the big egg on the middle platform in
the dino sanctuary.

Auto Run:
Submitted by: someone

Your dino can auto run by:
1. Restore your window
2. Minimize any other windows
3. Press and Hold the [right] arrow key
4. Still holding, click on your desktop
5. The dino will run automatically
Note: It may get stuck, if it does click on the DR window. Hope this helps!

Super Eggs:
Submitted by: DRM - Dino Run Master

Giga  : Level 2, in small cave before tar pit
Magno : In speedrun Death Crater in first volcano
Iguano: Level 4, in waterfall
Alien : Level 5, in smoking meteorite
Spino : Level 2, bottom of VERY large pit. Go to back (left) of pit
Oloro : Level 4, in water on platform
Rinch : Level 3, underground, on platform
Diplo : Apocalypse under Insane difficulty. Inside first volcano
Bronto: Beyond Apocalypse under Insane difficulty. In dino sanctuary (spaceship)

Hats and Colors Cheats:
Submitted by: DRM - Dino Run Master

Top Speed           : dinoracer
Mega Jump           : leapinliz
Super Strength      : calcium
Goodbye Doom        : explore
Low Gravity         : astrosaur
Boulders = Balloons : goofballs
Lights Out          : goodbyesun
Meteor Storm        : smokey

DRM - Dino Run Master

Diplo is at first volcano in Apocalypse under Insane difficulty.
Bronto is at Beyond Apocalypse under Insane difficulty. It is at the dino sanctuary, 
or else this time, it's a spaceship.

Air/Underground Glitch:
Submitted by: kaeoyoyo124

On the level where you get the alien egg at the pillar cliff things you go up the
left wall then you can walk into this glitch where you go through the map of where
you are. You fly down the ground then appear at the top of the game then fly down 
again until you reach the ground again.

Mount lava paradice:
Submitted by: somebody

You can only do this on insane. Go to apocaypce. On a large volcano (the biggest) go
in the bottom way. Then go up left up right jump on the platform without falling. Then
jump to the dead end. Move to it pressing down. You will go in! you will see these 
weard guys and a light. Hit the light! Now you are dead. So you are in...DINO PARADISE!

Secret Level:
Submitted by: James

Unlock all the cheats and use them. Set insane on the challenge mode. 
When you past the last level, there will be a new level called beyond blank. 
Hopes this helps.

Hat and extra hot code:
Submitted by: Ally

extra hat code :totinos
hat code       : don8tosaur

Speed Boost:
Submitted by: Daniela

The instructions say that the speed boost is pressing shift every 20 seconds and that 
your dino's feet will spark once another one is available. But your feet spark for a 
lot of reasons and it doesn't work. If you have sound then here's how you know you have
another speed boost ready. Every 20 seconds you will hear a sort of clack twice. It is 
the same volume as the music but the whole thing is only about 2/3 of a second so be 
paying attention.

Submitted by: Alice Falling

To get a gold trophy for Birds Devoured, you need to get 150 of them.

Sanctuary glitch:
Submitted by: Blible

When you get to the dino sanctuary on the apocalypse stage, instead of going in, jump 
on top and keep going and you'll eventually get stuck, then you'll fall into an endless
pit of blackness and you'll appear way up in the sky and fall in and it'll say survival,
but you'll be stuck in the top.

How to Beat Insane Mode and get the Bronto Egg:
Submitted by: Daniela

To get the Bronto egg, you have to beat the Insane Challenge without cheats. Here's how.
1.Build up DNA to maximize your abilities. 1 DNA point is scored for every 8 eggs or 8 
  creatures eaten. DNA is easier to get in harder difficulties. Levels like Ptero Storm and
  Rainin' Lizards are good because there are lots of falling eggs and falling critters, 
  respectively. Also collect the other eggs. 
  Tips on the Alien Egg: The meteor it's hidden in is gray, set in the right side of a 
  relatively small hill. It's slightly bigger than the biggest meteor size. It's smoking and
  has a barely noticeable dent or rift in the right side. You have to turn around and enter
  the meteor from the right.
2.Familiarize yourself with the levels and difficulty. Go through it with some cheats on but
  keep the Doom on. That way you'll know what to expect.
3.Lesser-thought-about things that slow you down are:
  water    : you go slightly slower through it.
  ducking  : pressing down slows you greatly!
  creatures: lizards and things get in your way, just like dinosaurs (except edible.)
  dactyls  : dactyls stop you in your tracks. Play the speedrun Dactyl Dodge to develop 
4.Lesser-known things that speed you up:
  orange dinosaurs: there is a certain type of dinosaur that is orangish-yellow and runs on 
  two legs. You can jump on it and ride it. it is faster than your dino at maximum speed and 
  runs by dinos without stopping. the only bad thing about them is that they squash eggs.
  pteros: they soar above meteors, dinos and hills. Be careful on the drop though; that could
  slow you down. 
  jumping: jump at the top of a mountain and bounce your way down.

Automatically run:
Window the game and minimize all other windows. Hold [Right] while clicking the desktop. If
done correctly, your dinosaur will run automatically. Note: If it gets stuck, click on the 
game window.

Skip a bit of a level:
Submitted by: frosty the dino

Okay, unlock all cheats and go under any difficulty (works best in apocalypse level). 
You have to have the low grav and high jump cheats on. When you get to the top of a 
mountain or volcano, jump just before it inclines down. The low grav will slow your fall 
slightly, but you'll skip running down the mountain and possibly getting killed. 
Hope this helps.

Weird Glitch:
Submitted by: Frosty the Dino

If you're riding on a parasaurolaphus (the orange guys you can ride on) and get hit by a 
meteor, both of you will fall thru the floor into endless blackness, but you will appear 
falling from the sky and you will land on the ground.

Screret Survial Place in volcano!:
Submitted by: Crystal

Go on INSANE Difficalty get to the lava level with the biggest volcano with lava running
down is's sides. There is a flat area with lava running down then you will get in a secret
place in the volcano with a lot of caves and realy bright there,run to your right. 
and It will say survial! You are in the secret survial place!!!!!!!!! Hope this Works!

Eating Critters:
Submitted by: MELONHEAD8

Eating Running Critters Faster: press down when right behind them and they will get eaten
Note: DO NOT press down all the time as it slows you down a lot.
Catching Birds: when you get near a tree, examine the leaves closely. Sometimes you will
see a white pixel in among the green ones. This is a bird. Jump right before the tree, 
and the bird will fly up but most of the time you will catch it.

Surviving Insane Levels:
Submitted by: MELONHEAD8

Tip: whenever you get 30 eggs, a sign will pop up and say 'extra time shift earned'. 
This means that when you next die, you have a 'reincarnation' choice to start the level over.

How to beat the game!:
Submitted by: puddingprince101

If you just want to see how the game ends, or just win, for the happiness of winning a game, 
then go to the cheats/codes window in the game, and enter all codes and activate them. (not 
shown here) Then go do all the levels and win. Finally, do 'Apocalypse' and go through the 
rock mound at the end... Viola!

Destroying a lot of meteors:
Submitted by: Zeroxgen

How to do this is to stop running with No Doom Super Strength and Balloon and leave the game
to a new window. Then after a while go back and look for a ditch there should be a ton of 
meteors. Run through them and a lot of balloons appear.

How to get 500,5964,71 DNA:
Submitted by: froggysaurus

Go to the dino paridise.there is a rock by the cave that you duck lets you go throo
the the ground and escape.go back to the paridise and you (mabye) will get more DNA.keep 
doing the same thing till you get 999,9999,78 DNA.bye!

Random Glitch:
Submitted by: xoxo HorseLover xoxo

So I found this random glitch, it doesn't really do anything but whatever. When each level 
starts, instead of going forward, go backwards. You will suddenly be falling through the 
ground. You can actully finish the level like this if you hold the right arrow key. 
It can allow you can get past a level without being harmed! Try it!

Egg glitch:
Submitted by: William

When you find a super egg you can bust it open and go where you cant see the egg or nest
for about 3 seconds its there again and you can keep doing that forever!

Glow-in-the-dark dino:
Submitted by: Yoshi88

Choose the 3rd white dino, and in darker areas in levels, it should glow blue.

Dead food:
Submitted by: Yoshi88

In rainin lizards sanctuary, case the prey towards a wall. it should fall down.

Catching birds:
When you get near a tree, examine the leaves carefully. Sometimes you will see a white 
pixel among the green ones. This is a bird. Jump just before the tree. The bird will 
fly up, but most of the time you can catch it.

Glitch 1:
Submitted by: Tarik751

On the first level ( You must be on insane difficilty with all cheats activated) intead
of running forwards go backwards and hold down the left key you will then start to rise
for a bit then begin to plummet into a black bottemless pit this is where all the broken
meadeors go. Awesome ain't it!

Beyond Beyond Apocalypse:
Submitted by: ePILOGUE

On insane mode with cheats on,jump onto the large globe spaceship.Continue up and over
the globe then jump off the globe and ron off the screen.instead of survival, it should 
say excellent and your level space and an error will occur.Its pretty strange.

Paradise Glitch:
Submitted by: Eggcracker

Well, if you know how to get to "Paradise", you'll know how to do this: Get to paradise
on insane mode. If you're on multi-player, go on it and make a race. Start it, and you 
fall through the ground and land in Paradise.

Pink dino: going green:
Submitted by: Alyssa

If you have the pink dinosaur and you press shift it will turn green. i did this in stego 
stampede so i dont know if it works in other levels or the challenge.

Secret Santuary:
Submitted by: A very strange person

If your at Apocalypse(MEDIUM DIFFICULTY)you will Run into and EXTREMELY large volcano with 
lava flowing at the sides. You will might get into a cave with lots of passages. Go in the 
north-west tunnel and it should get more greyer.You will then fall into another secret 
santuary. Viola!

Tunnel glitch:
Submitted by: ?????

in level 5, there is a big longed necked dino that you run on. go in between the head and 
the cliff,fall,and then run. in the dirt there should be a hole. go through it and when you 
exit,turn around and go through again,you dissapear!!!

Gigano Egg:
Submitted by: Dino mASTA

Well I was playing the level before apocalypse on easy mode i came across the gigano egg!!! 
I thought you could only get it in level 2 but for some reason i did get it on this level. 
It is on a vine about halfway through the level below a large cliff Hope this helps

Free Falling Forever:
Submitted by: DiNoCrAzE

Start Challenge mode with all cheats on. When it starts, press the left arrow and hold it, 
move right just a teeny bit and then press jump. You'll start falling through the ground, 
then falling from the sky. If you hold the right arrow you can see yourself falling. Even 
if you do that to the end of the level, there's no way to get out of it or win without 
pressing space and then Esc.

No Wall and No Ground!!! and a guidance:
Submitted by: -Nikki-

Glitch1. Dino Sanctuary in 'Out to Pasture' speedrun. If your stat is enough, Go up to the 
nest where your 'wife' dino up there (on the ledge). Quick jump until to the top wit no roof. 
to go back to the sanctuary, (the sanctuary closed) jump on the entrance and jump (without 
jump again or press up key). You can do this also with all cheats active.

Glitch2. When in the sanctuary of 'Out to Pasture' speedrun, (wit all cheats active) jump 
over the hole. and escape! you will fall and started in the air. while in air, press left 
and land in the sanctuary again. How cool!!
a guidance : Some eggs are guarded by the wall of doom!!

Extra eggs:
Submitted by: dino_lover77

on medium, with low gravity cheat activated, go onto salty flats speedrun. You will come 
to a bare tree in front of a small ditch that has an egg in it. Collect the egg, then jump 
into air above the tree. the tree should dissapear and when it reapears, the egg will have 
returned. collect the egg again and again for extra points! hope this was helpful!

iguanadon egg glitch:
Submitted by: sean

when you get to the cave through the waterfall, dont go trough it go up the waterfall and 
drop through the top cave(or go trough the waterfall with cheats on) and get the iguanadon 
egg, then go trough the upper tunnel and the egg will reappear again and again for as long 
as you do it.

Bronto egg:
Submitted by: champion

when you pass Apocalpyse, A new level called Beyond Apocalpyse will come. Dont go to pardis
or youll have to start all over again. When you get to the BIG alien space ship globe, it 
will be up by two stegosaures. Get up, but, if its not there, then its a space ship.

Extra lives:
Submitted by: lollyosaur

Someone said you get an extra time shift (life) when you gather 30 eggs.
BUT this also happens at 75 and...... er... I believe it was 150 or 175 eggs. anyway, thats 
a lot and I think survivling is your first priority. Anyways, collect as many eggs as you 

Secret sanctuary:
Play under the Apocalypse difficulty setting. You will run into an extremely large volcano
with lava flowing at the sides. You will enter a cave with lots of passages. Go in the 
northwest tunnel and it should get grayer. You will then fall into another secret sanctuary.

lots of points for lvl 5:
Submitted by: threedaysgracefan0

if you find the iguanadon egg eat it then go to the right so the nest is out of sight 
(a little farther than out of sight)then go back to it and it will have reapeared. do 
this as many times as wanted.

Mount lava paradice glich:
Submitted by: dino king

go to apocolypse and get into the volcano sanctuary (to get to the sanctuary go to the 
lava covered volcano, go to the bottom of the 1st nick pressing down, then go right till 
you can jump, jump, and run left till it says survival)then go to the mouth of the hole 
and go in a until you see hlf your head and jump, go left and you will fall through the 
ground, reappear in the sky and fall back into the sanctuary 

P.S. it helps to wear a hat

glich #2
drop to the bottom of any pillar cliff go left and walk up the wall and you will walk 
into a glich that will make you fall, reappear at the top of the sky and fall to the 

Random tips:
Submitted by: Alex

To get super eggs, heres some tips:
turn on the cheat "no doom wall", code "explore"
Go to the egg. you cant get it with the cheat, but you can practice how your going to be 
able to get it when you turn the cheat off.

If you somehow manage to get to apocalypse on insane without cheats, then do this:
Go to the dino paradise.there is a rock by the cave that you duck on.
Go through the floor and get away.
Go back to the paradise and you'll get more DNA. Do it lots of times and get lots of DNA!! 
Then you can get the jump and strength shift dna boosts, though you just need 500 dna.

Dino CE:
Submitted by: Run DiCE

Use cheat engine to hack bones,eggs,DNA.Example you have 100 bones,type in 100(NOT 800).
Then buy something and type the bones left in(eg:10 bones,so type 10 in)

Super strength:
Submitted by: Dinoychus

When you are in any level and you press shift you will have temporary super strenght.
You can only use this one time per level or speedrun.

Dino Paradise on Medium, Hard, AND Insane!:
Submitted by: Rachel

Everyone says you have to be on Insane! when you do this trick, but you don't! 
The lowest possible level you can be on is Medium to do this, since it is the first 
level you see apocalypse. Go through all of the levels[1-6] to get to Apocalypse, 
then there is grayish lines on this HUGE volcano [lava running down the side a little 
after those lines] DON'T jump to get on it, just walk [you might get hit by lava but 
who cares] and go through the hole, and right after you enter you're in the volcano. 
Go to the split going up and left. Then go right and go through the dead-end pushing s 
or the down arrow and you should be in this new cave.[you may have to jump a platform 
without falling to do this] There will be this weird dude and light, go through the light, 
and you end up in the water at a paradise full of fish [but you run out sadly].

Super eggs:
Submitted by: dinosaur4

It is almost impossible to go the magno egg with out jumping over the first volcano then
you see a bigger opening jump as far as you can dont jump over the whole thing then you 
will go down keep forward pressed then you will land on it or you could go back up the 
volcano and down.

The Ultimate Paradise Glitch:
Submitted by: arenarceus

once your in the ultimate paradise, go to the left of the pink brontosaurus. 
Then, keep running left. You will end up with your head pokeing out and your body 
underground. well, it looks like your underground but youre just behind a hill :3 but 
this is a fun cheat since if you move a bit to your right, it looks like your buried!

If you want to do this, but dont have a cheat code, here are some:
astrosaur: no-gravity
explore- doom wall off
totinos: extra hat

also, when behind the hill, i jumped up(lo-gravity was on) and i stuck to one of the 
rocks near the top of the paradise. is this static?!
what was even weirder was when i sat down, erm, THAT was creepy. i floated!
hope this helped you have some fun with Dino Run, ;3

The Ultimate Survival Place:
Submitted by: arenarceus

Go to insane difficulty(I used all of the cheats) and go to beyond apocalypse. 
At the end, where the survival area is surrounded in gray, hop into a random spot. 
Inside is a giant egg, and lost of little critters and different kinds of dinosaurs 
than you usually see in a survival area.

The listed hats cannot be unlocked through cheats, rather you must complete all 
speed runs on said difficulty. If you have not unlocked "Planet D," it will not 
be mandatory to complete in order to unlock the hats, if you have however you must
then complete it as well.

Unlockable     How to Unlock
Bronze Crown - Complete all Speed Runs on the "Medium" difficulty.
Gold Crown   - Complete all Speed Runs on the "Insane!" difficulty.
Silver Crown - Complete all Speed Runs on the "Hard" difficulty.

Eye glitch:
Submitted by: brmont

Eat a lizard and pause FAST! It keeps being eaten but thats not it. Look at your Dinos EYE. 
For a split second it should have turned the color of the lizard.
Lizard Colors:

Green  = 100 points Not good Run (Can't even run up a full hill XD)
Orange = 150 points Medium Run
Purple = 250 points Insane Run (Can run up a FULL hill O.O)

Another Glitch:
Submitted by: HermioneGranger

On the first level of, perhaps, insane-challenge, if you run for a little bit, then run 
backwards to the starting and right when you get to the edge of the game jump(having enabled 
the no gravity cheat). You will immediately start seeing the green. Then, you appear in the 
air again, but you keep going underground and cannot sit atop the surface again. You can, 
therefore, use your arrow buttons to move across the screen without ever hitting the surface. 
Go throughout the whole game glitching.

Escape the first survival dome:
Submitted by: Rotxy2

Jump on the ledge in the first survival dome and keep jumping to your left and you'll land 
either on the wall or between two walls. There is a imangenary hook that you jump on. Keep 
jumping up and to your left until your over. For help use the high jump code: Astrosaur.

Survival insie the volcano. Go to the volcano were you would go to paradice but go the other 
way. There will be somthing blocking your way so you'll need a running start. Get fast enough 
the break through and run into the entrance. (By the way, there is lava in there so don't get 

To ecape the second survival dome,keep jumping at the left wall and glich your way through. 
You'll enentually get between the wall then keep jumping near the entrance. You'll glitch it 
and you'll go through the boulders near the entance.

If you find any way to get out of the third survival dome please contact me at

Endless Eggs!:
Submitted by: Goldfishies

First, activate the Mega Jump. When you come across a tree with an egg in it, jump until the 
ground disappears. The tree should flicker and then a new egg appears! Have fun getting 50+ 
eggs per game.

Glorkian Warrior hat!:
Submitted by: Evan

Go to 6th level or apocalyse. When the metour crashes down and opens a magma cave, head in there. 
It is the second magma cave. Go in there and and walk backwards. youll se a green worm thing. 
touch that and it flys away. When you finsh the level, a screen will pop up and say new pixeljam 
hats unlocked! This includes the Glorkian Warrior and 4 other hats!

Falling forever glitch/ forgotten super egg location:
Submitted by: *ZINC*

falling forever: after a completed level in dino sanctuary with super jump, jump against the 
far wall against where the vine starts on the far wall, u will then exit the sanctuary and 
fall into infinite brown-ness.
forgotten super egg location: this isnt that big of a deal jus a super egg not mentioned on 
this site. but on level 5 down a small/medium sized cliff, rite b4 the tar pit with a dinos 
head peeking out, theres a small area with a purple super egg. so go back and get it if u hav 
a chance b4 the wave gets ya or if u turned off the wave.

Background Spaceship (Title Screen):
Submitted by: ForestLady

When you get into the sanctuary on Insane Challenge mode on Beyond Apocalypse, exit to the title 
screen. (If you haven't collected the Bronto egg do so now if you don't have any cheats on!) 
You will unlock Planet D AND also, if you didn't notice before, there will be a spaceship in 
the distance on the left of the big "Dino Run" sign.

Effortless way of earning dna:
Submitted by: manawan

follow these steps to get dna almost effortlessly (but not necessarily quickly)
1. open up another window in your computer (if you have windows 7 skip this step)
2. buy the 'rainin lizards' speedrun and selct it
3. select easy or medium difficulty and start game
4. press and hold the right button
5. while doing that press alt-tab and then let go of right arrow button
6. go back to game but DONT press the right button again
7. it should auto run so just relax or play another game or something
8. check to see if the dino is stuck after every 1-2 mins (not necessary)
9. the OTHER arrow keys should work WITHOUT disturbing the auto run. use these keys to get dino out 
    of danger or pits
   (PS-if you have ignored steps 8 and 9 then chances of winning are about 50%)
10.after finished press enter 2 times (or use mouse) and repeat steps 4-9 again and again until u 
   get enough dna
11. every time u do this should give u AT LEAST 5 dna (as 8 lizards eaten = 1 dna)

hope this was helpful


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