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  Hints and Tips for: Discoveries of the Deep 
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 Discoveries of the Deep Cheats

Discoveries of the Deep

Summary of Keyboard Commands

Manatee Harbor Office
F1      General Mission Help
H       Local Help
D       Go to Dock
1-7     View Mission Folder
M       List all Missions
F       Open File Cabinet
S       Slide Room
L       Log Notes
C       Certified Status
R       Return to Office
E       Exit Game

Slide Room
Arrows  Scroll
Space   Highlight
ESC     Begins slideshow

F1      General Help
H       Local Help
Arrows  Steer (Right, Left)
Arrows  Speed (Up, Down)
E       Start Engines
I       Go to Instrument Room
N       Go to Navmap
P       Port
C       Clipboard
R       Recreation Room

Instrument Room
F1      General Help
H       Local Help
F       Return to Pilot House
N       Navmap
S       SonMag
D       Depth Sounder
T       Teletype
R       Receive Radio Message
L       Launch Minisub
C       Clipboard

Navigational Map
F1      General Help
H       Local Help
P       Activate Plotter
G       Go to Plotted Position
R       Restore position
W       Show Weather
B       Show bearing
D       Show Data
K       Switch colors
C       Clear Screen
F       Go to Pilothouse
S       Show ports
L       Show land
E       Exit

F1      General Help
S       Sonar
M       Magnetometer
D       Show Data
E       Exit

Depth Sounder
F1      General Help
G       Graph
C       Change colors
D       Show Data
R       Take Reading
E       Exit

F1      General Help
1       Use Channel 1
2       Use Channel 2
S       Send Distress Signal
R       Receive Message
E       Exit

R       Receive Rado Message
F1      General Help
H       Local Help
C       Reconnect with ship
A       Robot Arm
L       Outside Light
S       Full Stop
F       Forward Throttle
B       Backward Throttle
P       Take Picture
Z       Zoom (Double Speed)
X       Xoom (Half Speed)
Arrows  Navigate
T       Show remaining time
ESC     Hide time

Recreation Room
1       Tank
2       Dartboard
3       Map Room
ESC     Exit

T       Throw Dart
Q       Quit

Arrows  Navigate
Space   Fire Cannon
M       Toggle Sector Map
A/D     Turret Left/Right
ESC     Outta there
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