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  Hints and Tips for: Divinity 2 - The Dragon Knight Saga 
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 Divinity 2 - The Dragon Knight Saga Cheats

Divinity 2 - The Dragon Knight Saga

Submitted by David. K 

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Achievement                            Description
Chicken Out (25 points)              - You have killed Casper.
She Never Saw It Coming (25 points)  - You scared away the fortune teller.
Bounty Hunter (40 points)            - You have brought to justice all of Rivellon's most 
                                       wanted criminals.
Turn a Blind Eye (10 points)         - You have cured blindness.
Pillar of Strength (40 points)       - You have upgraded all your Battle Tower platforms to their 
                                       maximal potential.
On the Run (5 points)                - You have sent one of your runners on a mission.
Peeping Tom (5 points)               - You have read someone's mind.
Off the Leash (5 points)             - You have summoned your creature.
Gaining Power (5 points)             - You have leveled up. Congratulations!
Prince Charming (5 points)           - You have charmed an item.
Enchanté (5 points)                  - You have enchanted an item.
Master Brewer (5 points)             - You have created a potion.
Mater Studiorum (5 points)           - You have made use of your skills trainer.
Shop Till You Drop (5 points)        - You have traded with someone.
Shape of the Dragon (5 points)       - You have morphed into a Dragon.
Mirror, Mirror (5 points)            - You have made use of an illusionist's services.
A Dragon Stone's Throw Away(5 points)- You have used the Dragon Stone.
Ego Raccoonis (25 points)            - You gave Valeri a raccoon rune.
Parental Approval (10 points)        - You convinced Anne to leave Tom. Poor Tom.
Suit Up! (25 points)                 - You collected all the parts of an armor set.
First Class Fireman (15 points)      - You salvaged everything Claire asked you from the fire.

29 secret achievements:
Lovis Lore-Master (25 points)        - You correctly answered all of the questions about Lord Lovis.
Path of the Pious (25 points)        - You have gained entry to the Maxos Temple.
All Aboard! (20 points)              - You finished Farglow. Happy hunting!
The Great Escape (20 points)         - You have made it out of the Maxos Temple.
Cave In (25 points)                  - You have found Adah and Mahalath's secret cave.
You're Going to Die,Charlie(5 points)- You have killed Charlie the goblin.
The Damned One (10 points)           - You met Damian.
The Dragon Roars (25 points)         - You have destroyed Damian's armada and successfully protected your 
                                       Battle Tower.
Spell-Struck (25 points)             - You have found the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes.
Saint or Satan (20 points)           - You have shown you are either utterly good or evil in Bellegars cave.
The Feral Fjords (10 points)         - You have discovered the Orobas Fjords.
Dragon Ho! (25 points)               - You have found a true Dragon: the Patriarch.
Dim Lights, Dark City (25 points)    - You have discovered Aleroth.
Shielded (25 points)                 - You have obtained the shield that will protect you in the 
                                       Hall of Echoes.
The Sigil, the Seal (25 points)      - You have found the seal that will open the gate to the Hall of Echoes.
Past the Gates (25 points)           - You have reached the Hall of Echoes.
Castle Crasher (40 points)           - You have destroyed all of Damian's Flying Fortresses.
Bunny Bagger (30 points)             - You have killed the Killer Bunny.
Family Fortune (30 points)           - You have read the mind of the three Gremory siblings.
The Maxos Baedeker (20 points)       - You have found the book that will lead you to the Hall of Echoes.
Adrift (30 points)                   - You have found Michael's raft.
Flames of Vengeance (75 points)      - You defeated Ygerna.
I Trained a Pet (25 points)          - You have resurrected Ygerna.
Oaken Resolve (25 points)            - You convinced Nericon to let you cross Mardaneus Plaza.
Sharp as a Steel Trap (25 points)    - You defeated the Engineer.
Sherlock of Aleroth (25 points)      - You have discovered all five of the rune riddles.
Lunatic and his Verses (25 points)   - You sided with Bellegar.
Hold the Key (15 points)             - You have obtained the key to the Maxos Temple.
Goodbye to Sun and Moon (25 points)  - You sided with Behrlihn.

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