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 Dogz Cheats


Modifying Daphne:
Look for the "Daphne" folder in the game directory. It contains all
the art files for Daphne, which can be modified and saved to your 
liking. This can also be done with all other art files.

Put 2 dogs (preferbally same specie) in the wardrobe room and get out
loads of love heart pillows & love spray and scatter them across the 
floor. Then put a Melody player on the chair and play a sweet song. 
Let the dogs play in the hearts and the spray will automatically spray
them. Note: Love biscuits can help aswell. 

Leave or play with them for about 7 mins and soon they will make love
and have a puppy, aarrr how sweet.

Only buy all the trick books on one dog profile:
You know the book of secret tricks? Well don't buy them on every dog 
profile, just buy them on one profile, then simply try and remember 
them and used them on your other dogs! If you can't remember them 
then you could always just write them down on a peace of paper!

Dogs that really look like their paint color:
If you paint the Labrador with the Dalmation paint it actually looks
really like a Dalmation, where as if you paint for example the Pug 
Dalmation, it looks nothing like one. The same applies for the Timber
Wolf and the Border Collie, it turns out to look just like a wolf!

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