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  Hints and Tips for: Dress Shop Hop 
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 Dress Shop Hop Cheats

Dress Shop Hop

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Having trouble with Level 7? The secret is to maximize your bonuses 
by matching the colors of consecutive customers. If you don't have 
the right color customer, it's better to let the analyzer stand empty
than lose your consecutive-color bonuses!

- TIPS are earned by making customers happy, to maximize their happiness 
give them refreshments. If you get stuck, go back & play earlier levels 
to get more tips to buy upgrades.
- The GOAL $$ amount is earned by selling clothing & bonuses. Maximize 
bonuses by matching the colors of consecutive customers. In level 7, for 
instance, use one analyzer for red customers, one for blue, one for green.
If you don't have the right color customer, it's better to let the analyzer 
stand empty than lose your consecutive-color bonuses.
And don't cash out the customers one by one. If you have 2 customers showing 
the "$" & cash them out consecutively you'll get a $20 bonus, 3 customers 
consecutively cashed out earns a $40 bonus. You may serve fewer customers 
in the end, but it's the bonuses that actually earn you the most money to 
make the goal.
-If a customer wants a garment that you've put on the mannequin, don't just 
give it to them. If you make a COPY of the garment for them they'll pay 
double the price. Remember this when you get to levels with the heavy-set 
lady (who will buy anything she sees on the mannequin) &/or the blue-haired
lady (who buys anything she sees hanging on the rack). 
By making ahead-of-time a higher-priced garment (e.g. a dress with a floral 
print) & putting it on the mannequin & also on the rack, then making COPIES 
for the customers, you're guaranteed double-priced sales!

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