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  Hints and Tips for: Drugsdealer 3 
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 Drugsdealer 3 Cheats

Drugsdealer 3

Submitted by: tamara

a)first you go to the fish shop you buy all teh stufs.
the you go to the dolpin show,you go to the pool and you must to fish 
dear and you find a bracelet! you give it to the girl that lost hem!than 
you have a pic!

b)than you go to the sea and you take your fish stuf!
you go to the chef kok and he give you money 
you must to buy 1 meal for a girl that love fish but it must to be a blue 
striped-grunt-meal and go to that girl and she give you a pick now you 
have 2pics!

c)you go to a woman and you buy 2 gram cocaine and the are 2 girls that want 
cocaine give it to the girls an now you have 4 pics!

d)you must to get money to buy a boat!
than you go to a island and you have ther a plant and a spade.
you go back to sexyisland .
There find a dead cat tombstone (search every bushes. 

Hint: Near the bridge).
use the spade to dig out the dead cat. than you go to the vodo shop.
you give her the plant and than you have 1 wish. give her the dead cat and 
he's go back to life. you go to the girl of the cat and you bring it to her.
now you have 5 pics!

e) now you go to teh monkey dude and he tel you evrything and you must try agai 
an again if you have 100 000+ point you have the last pic! nox you must to go to 
a girl and she tel you about a statu maid of stone it is in the north of the vodoo shop.
go to the stone maid and click on he's right eye ! now the aliens have he's pics!
the end!!!!!!!

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