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  Hints and Tips for: Druuna 
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 Druuna Cheats


Cheat Codes:
At the consoles, go to leftmost console, move the pointer to left
and right arrows, and use [Enter] to scroll letters around. When 
you have the one you want, move the pointer to "Confirm" and 
press [Enter]. The letter should appear at the bottom left of 
screen. When you have entered all the desired letters for the code,
move the pointer to "OK", and press [Enter]. A sound will confirm
correct code entry. First, enter CHEATON as a code to enable cheat
mode. Start a new game, then press [F2] to display the console to
enter one of the following cheats.

Result                                    Code 
Normal clothing                         - DRUUNA0  
Nude                                    - DRUUNA1 
Corset, fishnet stockings, and boots    - DRUUNA2  
Lara Croft costume                      - DRUUNA3  
Wonderwoman costumet                    - DRUUNA4  
Spiderman costume                       - DRUUNA5  
Zeros stats to avoid maxing out of game - ZEROK 
Access all "memories"                   - MEMOK  
All inventory items                     - OGGOK  
Pass levels AP0-AP9; Only works in 
levels AP0-AP9                          - A50OK 
Normal light in the dark level          - LUCEOK  
All maps                                - ABRHAM21

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