Dune 2 - The Building Of A Dynasty Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dune 2 - The Building Of A Dynasty 
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 Dune 2 - The Building Of A Dynasty Cheats

Dune 2 - The Building Of A Dynasty

Using an editor, open scenario.pak
*important backup this file just in case*

Depending on which house you chose, edit accordingly or edit them all,
though this could take a while.

The parts you want edit are the ones that have "Brain=Human" in them, 
this is you. The first two scenarios of each house usually don't need 
to be edited, although they can be. Enter a generous amount for credits
and maxunits.

for Harkonnen,
Keep in mind that there's about 20 scenarios per house.
Alot of work, but worth the effort.

Here's how to get the units you want and place the in any scenario.
Using pctools edit the scenario.dat file in the file you will find all the
scenarions of all the three houses.
All the units will be listed along with their positions on the map.
Change the name of the units to the units that you want.
Just make sure the new units name is the same lenght as the original
unit for example:

a) heavy tank to sonic tank(this will work)
b) tank to devastator(this will not work)

you can also edit the units that you can buy from starport here.

Build up to 99 units at one time:
Use a text editor to edit the "scenario.pak" file. Change the line 
"MAXUNIT=25" to "MAXUNIT=99". 

Accurate Harkonnen Deathhand:
When you play as House Harkonnen, you receive a palace in later levels. This 
palace contains the Deathhand missile. While extremely powerful, it is also 
the most highly inaccurate projectile. However, if you put the pointy end of
your mouse on the top of a structure's flag when aiming and simultaneously 
hold down the letter T, this missile will destroy that structure and those 
around it in a single shot.

Unlimited money:
Use a text editor to edit the "scenario.pak" file. Find the "Money=" line and 
change the value that follows to any number up to 32,000.

Editing files:
Note: When editing the "scenario.pak" file as indicated below, if you use 
Notepad as your text editor in the 64 bit version of Windows Vista, the s
cenarios will most likely not run (Dosbox or not). 
However, if you use Wordpad as your editor, it should work as expected.

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