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  Hints and Tips for: Dungeon Defenders 
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 Dungeon Defenders Cheats

Dungeon Defenders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tavern secret room:
Defeat the final Boss. A neon "Open" sign will now be lit on the second 
floor of the tavern. Walk into the door below the sign to enter a secret
room to find 10,000 mana, a unique weapon for each class, and a Secret 
Stash that acts as a normal forge.

Items Guide:
Written by Frezmo

Items in this game are dropped from chests that you can find around the map 
as well as from the enemies the selves. The harder the map and the difficulty 
the better the item drops typically are.

Items have twenty different levels of quality all with different level 
requirements as well as five different types.

When putting armour onto your character it is important that you have you 
helmet, gloves, chest piece and shoes be the same type. (example, having all 
leather armour). This is because when you get a full set of armour your stats 
gets boosted, the better the quality the higher the boost. If you're unsure if 
you have a full set or not, look at your hero page and your armour piece should 
have a blue highlight around them.

-=Armour Types=-
You can get leather, Mail, Chain, Plate and Pristine armour. It is important 
to note that the armour type does not effect the armours stats. Leather armour 
can have stats which are just as good or even better than plate armour for 

-=Armour Quality=-
Armour has twenty different qualities that it can be. Each with a different 
level requirement and stat boost percentage. The table below will show you the 
level required for each quality and the stat boost it provides when you have 
a full set of the same type of armour (i.e. leather).

Quality - Level Requirement (Stat Boost)

Cursed - 0 (25%)
Torn - 0 (25%)
Worn - 3 (25%)
Stocky - 6 (25%)
Solid - 8 (25%)
Sturdy - 10 (25%)
Polished - 12 (25%)
Shining - 14 (25%)
Powerful - 20 (25%)
Amazing - 27 (25%)
Epic - 34 (25%)
Legendary - 45 (25%)
Godly - 60 (25%)
Mythical - 74 (30%)
Transcendent - 78 (33%)
Supreme- 83 (36%)
Ultimate - 90 (40%)
Ultimate93 - 93 (40%)
Ultimate+ - 100 (40%)
Ultimate++ - 100 (40%)

-=Armour Resistance=-
Armour resistance caps out at 90%, once you have hit 90% there is no need 
to put more upgrades into resistance for armour as it won't get any better 

Different armour resistances are good for different enemies. 
The different resistances do the following:

General Resistance 
= Reduces physical damage from all enemies 
(good against Ogres and Dark Elf Warriors).

Fire Resistance 
= Reduces all fire damage from all enemies 
(good against Wyverns, Dark Elf Mages, Kobolds and The Ancient Dragon).

Lightning Resistance 
= Reduces all lightning damage from enemies 
(generally good).

Poison Resistance = Reduces all poison damage from enemies 
(good against ogres poison ball).

Weapons also have the same quality level restrictions however you can't get stat 
boosts from weapons based on the quality like you can for armour. Weapons are 
generally better the higher the quality due to having more available upgrades.

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