Dungeons of the Unforgiven Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dungeons of the Unforgiven 
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 Dungeons of the Unforgiven Cheats

Dungeons of the Unforgiven

Gaining experience:
Try to gain high experience for gaining levels quickly. Remember, some items are
cheap at the start of the game, but will become expensive when you gain levels.

High level Culture Stock:
Gain a lot of money at the start and buy Culture Stock before you go to an Inn. 
Culture stock is cheap at the beginning of the game and gets more expensive when
you gain levels.

Good character:
Choose the Childman at the selection screen, and make him a mage. Then get the 
Titanium armor and the Mace as a weapon. 

The potions add six to one stat and take three from another. There are six potions 
and six different stats. 

Green : Intelligence goes up by 6 and Dexterity (agility) down by 3. 
White : Dexterity (agility) goes up by 6 and intelligence down by 3. 
Red   : Constitution up by 6 and Wisdom down by 3. 
Blue  : Wisdom up by 6 and Constitution down by 3. 
Orange: Strength up by 6 and Luck down by 3. 
Yellow: Luck up by 6 and Strength down by 3. 

Regaining HP:
The more Rings Of Regeneration you have, the faster your HP will be restored.

Puffball effects:
Puffballs die after affecting an attribute positively or negatively - 
they have to be killed with one hit to avoid modification. 

Blue        - Plus 1 Strength
Sky Blue    - Minus 1 Strength
Light Red   - Plus 1 Intelligence
Dark Red    - Minus 1 Intelligence
Light Green - Plus 1 Wisdom
Dark Green  - Minus 1 Wisdom
Yellow      - Plus 1 Constitution
Brown       - Minus 1 Constitution
White       - Plus 1 Agility (Dexterity)
Black       - Minus 1 Agility
Gray        - Plus 1 Luck
Dark Gray   - Minus 1 Luck 

Easy kills:
Get enough spell points to cast Major Ascend and Major Descend, then find a nuclear 
hand grenade and kill a high level monster.
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