Dx-Ball 1 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dx-Ball 1 
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 Dx-Ball 1 Cheats

Dx-Ball 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RAGHAV AGARWAL
Update by: zeeshan
Update by: Shithil

[Ctrl]+[F1] - Board editor; use from the main screen 

During gameplay: 

Code            Effect   
[Ctrl]+[F1]    - Gives you a big stick
[Ctrl]+[F2]    - Gives you a magnet stick 
[Ctrl]+[F3]    - Gives you a gun stick 
[Ctrl]+[F4]    - Longer paddle 
[Ctrl]+[F5]    - Turns on music
[Ctrl]+[F6]    - Turns off music 
[Ctrl]+[F7]    - Changes ball direction if stuck
[Ctrl]+z       - thru brick 
[Ctrl]+x       - zap bricks
[Shift]+z      - extra life
[Shift]+x      - slow ball
[Ctrl]+[shift] - fire ball

Hiscore edit:
Submitted by: Gaurav kumar Meena

Edit your highscore by hex editor. Open the dat file of by hex editor modify
your score then change the name and score and save it.

Final level:
Completing the final level will automatically return the game to the opening
screen and bypass high score entry. To avoid this, stop playing when reaching 
the level with "THE END" created by blocks. 

Block auto-destruct:
Press "P" when only one block is remaining. Wait one minute, then press "P"
again to have the game automatically destroy the last block.

Floating ball:
Get a Magnet Paddle box. Next, get a Big Paddle box. Then, get a Smaller 
Paddle box. The ball will now be floating.

Submitted by: Stalin

Before hit the ball you press "Ctrl+F4" to get shoot power

Submitted by: Shezan Mahmud Sunny

Use kid mode it will easier to finish the 25 level of every stage.
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