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  Hints and Tips for: Dynasty Warriors 9 
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 Dynasty Warriors 9 Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 9

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fast Travel When You Can:
It doesn't take a full 2 hours to go across China like Koei Tecmo claimed in 
previews last year, but it does take a while even with a hyper-fast horse. 
Make use of fast travel whenever you can to save time.

As a reminder, any area of the map you've revealed at any point in time can 
be seen by any character you play. The only restriction on your fast traveling
is whether the area you're going to is under enemy control.

Easy money:
Search for bandits, especially bandit chiefs and leaders (worth more). Kill 
bandits to get XP and items. Gather their items and sell them to vendors to 
get approximately 6,000 gold for each group of defeated bandits.

Easy bonding:
Acquire two hideaways. Then, send a letter to an officer from one hideaway, 
and travel to the second hideaway. Once you open the door to the hideaway, 
the officer will spawn next to the building outside. Simply talk with the 
officer to raise their bond level. Next, send a letter to an officer from 
the second hideaway, and return to the first hideaway. Repeat this process
as many times as desired.

Travel to major cities after each chapter so you avoid missing opportunities 
to speak with certain officers whom may be killed later in the game. 
This also helps with getting "The Ties That Bind Us" achievement.

Red Hare mount:
Successfully complete Story mode for Dong Zhuo, Guan Yu, and Lu Bu to unlock the 
Red Hare mount for purchase at the stable vendors for 100,000 gold. 
This horse is extremely fast and has high stamina.

Easy money:
After capturing Luoyang in Chapter 2, the merchant with the fishing quest will 
give you four ultimate baits. Instead of using them in the guided fishing spot,
use them in the moat immediately outside Luoyang moat. You have a chance to get
beautiful saddles that sell for 7,500 gold each, strange artifacts that sell 
for 2,000 gold each, and other moderate sale items. Around Chapter 3 you can 
purchase ultimate baits and repeat this process as many times as desired. 
You can get approximately 250,000 gold per 10 ultimate baits.

Written by Godfrey

Get Red Hare asap - You unlock Red Hare for purchase by completing Guan Yu, Dong 
Zhuo and Lu Bu's storyline. Once unlocked purchase for $100,000. Best horse in 
the game. At level 1, it has higher stats than a lvl 100 birch. 

-=Gold Crown=- 
Get yourself a gold crown asap, it sucks all nearby items to you and it has a 
crazy range. very much worth the item slot. 

-=Beast Mirror=-
Beast Mirrors increase the area of the map you unlock as you travel through it, 
the beautiful thing is these stack, so when exploring is your goal, stack 4 of 

-=Fire Gems=- 
Fire Gems are (IMO) the best for your weapons, they add insane damage to your 
attacks and with the new combat system, its seriously easy to keep the elements 

You can headshot most human enemies with a bow for them to die in one hit. 
Even on Choas mode. Head toward the great wall (Far north west) and head shot 
bandits on choas. Great source of gold, coins and exp. 

-=Chen Pu=- 
I found this new comer to the series to be one of the best characters to grind 
the 100,000 KO's on. Dude is smooth.

Unlock Kingdom Stallions:
This will make the horses available for purchase at the stables.

Unlockable      How to Unlock
Red Hare      - Complete Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu and Guan Yu's story mode(in any order).
Shadow Runner - Complete Cao Cao's story mode.
Hex Mark      - Complete Liu Bei and Pang Tong's story mode.

Easy Gold early:
Quick way to make easy gold very early in game (chapter 2). After capturing luoyang,
 the merchant with the fishing quest will give you 4 ultimate baits. Rather than 
using them in the guided fishing spot, instead use them in the moat immediately 
outside Luoyang moat. You will have a chance for gorgeous saddles that sell for 7500 
each, strange atlrtifacts (2000 each) and other moderate sale items. Approximately 
chapter 3 you can unlock purchase of Ultimate baits and repeat this process as much 
as needed. My rough estimate is ~250k per 10 ultimate baits.

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