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 Eco Tycoon - Project Green Cheats

Eco Tycoon - Project Green

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Your nation is on a quest to become greener, and it's your job to set
environmental policy. Get ready to face the perils that come with 
holding office as you strive to balance the ecological demands of 
"going green" with the need to keep your nation's population happy 
and secure. Take action to implement real environmental change, but 
be sure to do so in such a way that your citizens won't demand a 
change of their own — in leadership.

In Eco Tycoon: Project Green, you must manage your nation's economy, 
power levels, food supplies, water supplies and natural resources 
while working to reduce carbon dioxide levels. Implement wide-ranging
projects to help you effect ecological change, from instituting a carbon
tax to subsidizing domestic solar panels. Keep your nation happy and 
prosperous by constructing new buildings to accommodate the needs for
power, food and water. Fuel the nation's various power stations and 
export excess oil or coal to bring in extra money. Do your best to keep
your nation on a path to greener energy or run the risk of terrible 
natural disasters and plummeting popularity that could see you voted
out of office. 

* Work to reduce your nation's carbon dioxide levels while managing the 
  economy, power levels, food supplies, water supplies and natural 
* Establish eco-friendly government policies, including a carbon tax, 
  subsidized solar panels and increased use of public transport.
* Educate yourself by consulting seven government advisers who offer 
  advice on finance, energy, farming, politics, the environment, mining
  and research.
* Accommodate the population's needs for power, food and water by 
  constructing additional buildings.
* Export excess fuel to bring more money into the nation's coffers 
* Perform well in office to avoid disasters, such as earthquakes, 
  tsunamis, oil spills and nuclear waste 
* Make good economic and ecological decisions to keep your popularity 
  level high and maintain your position in office.

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