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 Elven Legacy Cheats

Elven Legacy

Cheat Codes:
While playing the game, press ^ to display the console window. Then,
type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

Result                    Code
10 experience points    - Cheat10exp
100 experience points   - Cheat100exp
1,000 experience points - Cheat1000exp
10 gold                 - Cheat10gold
100 gold                - Cheat100gold
1,000 gold              - Cheat1000gold
Remove fog of war       - CheatNoFog
Unknown                 - CheatExp
Instant Heal            - CheatHeal
Unknown                 - CheatGold
Resurrect Dead Units    - CheatResurrect
Unknown                 - CheatBrokeAll
Instant Victory         - CheatVictory
Unknown                 - CheatComplete
Lose Mission            - CheatDefeat
Add Unit Shadows        - CheatShadows
Unknown                 - CheatSecondWind
Unknown                 - CheatShadows
Unknown                 - CheatTestSpearmen

Elven Legacy delivers a world filled with magic, and a thrilling 
nonlinear storyline, gauged to provide many hours of gameplay for 
strategy enthusiasts. Through an epic quest to restore the former 
glory of the Elven race, this fantasy strategy game offers both 
depth and scope, all in colorful and inspirational settings.

Play as an elf or a human, in the two primary campaigns – or why not 
the Orcs, in a wide variety of bonus missions? With the accompanying 
tools, players may also create their own missions and campaigns, and 
share them through multiplayer.

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