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 Endless Online Cheats

Endless Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Secret Warps:
Many people know this, but a handful don't. There are actually secret warps
in places that warp you to other maps and treasures.

1. In the Castle, where the arena is, at the top right walk through the wall.
   It will teleport you to (Find out!) 

2. At the Hallowdale Church, walk through the stage and find your way to the
   end, which teleports you to (Find out!) 

There are more warps and glitches, but are kept in secrecy so the best of 
Endless - Online can saviour them. These are the most convenient ones and 
are put up for your use. Good luck!

Help getting started:
Players can move by clicking on the square they wish to move to or by using
the arrow keys. To attack, you press the CTRL key (Note: this is a player 
friendly game you cannot attack other players in the game itself). Using the
number pad you are able to show different emotions. To refresh the screen, 
tap the [F12] key. To send a basic message that just people around you can 
read just type your message and press enter. 
When you want to tell everybody currently logged in put a ~ before the message.
When you want to send the player a private message/whisper, put an exclamation 
point(!) before the name, and then space, and then type the message.

Issue With Passing People:
Quite often, you will find that people enjoy blocking your way for no apparent
reason other than to annoy you. The best way to handle this is to just keep on
walking. Whether they are in front of a door or just blocking a path, walking 
through them is possible by holding down and clicking the down button to get 
through them.

Free Devil Costumes:
Well, stock up on plenty of Health pots and everything else that you need.
Run through the quick maze of hell, and along the way, you should find a chest
with atleast 1 Devil in it. It re-spawns every Hour.

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