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  Hints and Tips for: F1 2012 
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 F1 2012 Cheats

F1 2012

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then 
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to Unlock
Arch-Rival         - Beat your first rival in Season Challenge.
Austin Power       - In Time Trial, beat the lap time of 1-39.635 at the 
                     Austin, Texas circuit.
Back to Your Roots - Return to your starting team in Season Challenge. 
Best of the Best   - Earn a gold medal in the final scenario in Champions Mode.
Cut Your Losses    - End R&D on the current season's car early in Career.
Domination         - Set the fastest lap time in every session of a long 
                     race weekend in Career.
From the Front     - Qualify in pole position and win the race in Career or
                     Season Challenge.
Future Champion    - Earn a gold medal in each Young Driver Test.
Gold Rush          - Earn a gold medal in all of the Time Attack scenarios. 
Golden Delicious   - Earn a gold medal in every scenario in Champions Mode.
Graduation Day     - Successfully complete all of the Young Driver Test. 
Hardcore           - Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge on 
                     hard difficulty.
Having a Good Time - Post a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios. 
Hot Lap            - Set the fastest penalty-free race lap in Career or 
                     Season Challenge.
Immersion          - Complete any race using only the cockpit camera.
In Demand          - Have 4 contract offers on the table at once in Career. 
It Takes Two Baby  - Win the Constructors' Championship in Co-op.
Just a Taster      - Earn a gold medal in any of the Young Driver Tests. 
Keeping it Clean   - Complete any race without colliding with another car 
                     or object.
Made the Papers    - Be featured in your first press clipping.
Making the Grade   - Pass all of your objectives over a race weekend in 
                     Season Challenge.
New Direction      - Change R&D paths mid-season in Career.
One Shot Hero      - Take pole position in One Shot Qualifying.
Online Addiction   - Complete 30 Online races.
Online Dedication  - Complete 15 Online races.
Polesitter         - Take pole position in Career or Season Challenge.
Proving a Point    - Obtain a score of 25,000 points or higher in Season 
Race to Victory    - Take your first win in Career or Season Challenge. 
Staying Loyal      - Stay with the same team through the whole season in 
                     Season Challenge.
Technical          - Win a race using manual gears.
That's My Spot     - Beat Vettel's record of 15 pole starts in one full Career
Top Score          - Score maximum points in the Drivers' Championship in Season
Trials FORMULA ONE - Set clean lap times at 5 different circuits in Time Trial.
Winning Ways       - Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge.
Zero to Hero       - In Career, qualify outside of the Top 10, but finish on 
                     the podium.

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