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  Hints and Tips for: F1 World Grand Prix 
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 F1 World Grand Prix Cheats

F1 World Grand Prix

As is the case in any racing game, nothing will hurt you 
like a sluggish frame rate. Even if the delay is barely 
perceptible, you'll lose the tiny fragments of visual 
information that are necessary to keep your car where 
you want it to be. Fortunately, F1 World Grand Prix has 
enough graphic detail and resolution adjustments to get 
the game running quickly on most machines. Remember that 
by making your adjustments while on the racetrack (paying 
particular attention to the Clipping control), you'll not 
only have a visual demonstration of the effect you're 
having on picture quality but will also gain access to the 
game's nifty frame rate counter. 

If you opt to contest F1's Simulation mode, brake lockups 
and the off-track horrors they produce will quickly become 
your most prominent foe. Sadly, the game's numerous driver's 
aids do not include a Traction Assist. And the Braking Assist 
function kicks in far too early, thus adding several seconds 
to each lap time. The only way to effectively combat all that 
unwanted skidding is learn exactly where that fine line between 
braking and skidding is. Once you have a general idea, you must 
never, ever exceed it. 

F1 World Grand Prix is a very "sudden" affair, requiring lots 
of quick, darting movements and instant acceleration or 
deceleration. Probably for this very reason, a joystick 
offers far better response than a wheel.

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