Fable 3 - Traitor's Keep Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fable 3 - Traitor's Keep 
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 Fable 3 - Traitor's Keep Cheats

Fable 3 - Traitor's Keep

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft 
Gamerscore points. 

Achievement                            Description
A Revolutionary Idea (30 points)     - Find all of General Turner's diaries.
A Slow Day At The Office (20 points) - Survive an assassination attempt.
Diary Of A Sad Man (30 points)       - Find all of Professor Faraday's diaries.
I, Robot. You, Idiot (20 points)     - Help Huxley end his Loneliness Mode.
Keeping It Real (20 points)          - Decide the future of the Keep.
Lab Notes (30 points)                - Find all of Witchcraft Mary's diaries.
Science And Industry (20 points)     - Defeat Professor Faraday.
Set Them Free! (40 points)           - Open all Demon Doors.
Unnatural Laws (20 points)           - Defeat Witchcraft Mary.
Who Are You? (20 points)             - Defeat General Turner.

Prison Management For Beginners mission:
The books can be found at the following locations.

Book 1: Search General Turner's cell.
Book 2: Upstairs in the cell that has the privacy dressing curtain, follow
        the path all the way down. You should eventually reach a cavern 
        that has a closed cell door on the right. It is on the table inside.
Book 3: Search the cell in the basement with the water heaters.
Book 4: On the beach with the broken-down docks is a gate that leads to a 
        cave. In the cave on the bed on the ground is the book.
Book 5: In the Ravenscar graveyard is a gate that is locked with a door with 
        a special lock on a sepulcher. The book is inside.

Headstone references:
In the pet cemetery during the Witch Mary, you can find the following references.

* "Hudson, It's game over boy". A reference to Hudson from Aliens and the famous 
   quote "Game over man! Game over!". 
* "Winston - I thought you were supposed to come back. Did I bury you in the 
   wrong cemetery?". A reference to Pet Semetary.

The Menagerie:
* In the Menagerie in a cage are three fires and a plaque. It reads "Combustible 
  Northern Monkeys. Highly Nervous. They tend to explode when confronted by 
  strangers". Obviously the Monkeys exploded when they saw you because you are 
  a stranger.
* In another cage us an seeming empty cage with a plaque that reads "Calmer 
  Chameleons. You won't always seem them they come and go", which a reference
  to the song "Karma Chameleon".
* You can also find the text "Predator Squirrel. Rarely seen until it swoops 
  down lands on your shoulder and bites your head off".
* Use the key from Witchcraft Mary's cell and return to the Menagerie. You will 
  unlock a gate with two more exhibits and a chest containing some junk. In the 
  Menagerie on the right, there is a clock and a metal object (possibly a lamp 
  post). The plaque reads "Transforming Giraffes - The trader who sold them to 
  us promised they'd change any time soon." This is a possible reference to 
  Murgo the shady trader in Fable 2, who has a mixture of fake magical items 
  and real magic items he sells.
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