Facebook - Bowling Buddies Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Facebook - Bowling Buddies 
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 Facebook - Bowling Buddies Cheats

Facebook - Bowling Buddies

Submitted by: Jessica

Turn "Number lock" OFF, hover your mouse over the ball, type 550 on the
number pad, press "Ctrl" + "down arrow on the number pad, use arrows 
without "Crtl" to move the ball left and right, and with "Ctrl" to relocate
the ball. Hold "Ctrl" and press up once for 40+mph, twice for 34mph and 3 
times for 10-15mph.

Perfect achievement:
Submitted by: RM

Just follow these simple steps:
- Scroll down the page 
- Pick up the ball and place them at target 
- Once you are sure, move your scrooler up without moving the mouse.

Power Player Achievement:
Submitted by: Niall

log on to facebook then click on bowling buddies, minimize the face book page 
then open cheat engineclick on the compute at the top then select iexplorer 
ect..... then tick enable speed hack set the speed to 0.1 then click set speed 
go back to bowling buddies then start to play move the ball bak and foward to 
reach speeds of 50.00 km/h!

if you need cheat engine go to this website:

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