Fate - The Cursed King Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fate - The Cursed King 
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 Fate - The Cursed King Cheats

Fate - The Cursed King

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + ~ during game play to display the console prompt. A 
question mark will appear. Enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: The game will not pause while the console 
prompt is active.

Effect                           Code
Go down indicated levels       - descend [number]
Go up indicated levels         - ascend [number]
Increased experience           - experience
Increased fame                 - fame
Increased gold                 - gold
Recover health points          - heal
level up one level             - levelup
spawns item                    - spawn (itemname)
summon skeletons with weapons  - weapons

Best Armor:
Submitted by: shohib

1. press ctrl+shift+~ ?
2. gold(space)as u wish(mount/number)
3. levelup(space)as u wish(mount/number)
4. spawn flawless stingerfish(give your pet)
5. buy necklace/earring/ring and enchant it
spawn legendary elphame sword
spawn legendary elphame helm
spawn legendary elphame shield
spawn legendary elphame armor
spawn legendary elphame belt
spawn legendary elphame boots
spawn legendary elphame gloves 

enchant it
socket it

than add the gems
Spawn perfect peridot/tourmaline

the last 
7. spell :
attack magic: spawn thunder sword spell
spawn dragon fire spell
spawn fire rain spell
spawn blizzard spell
defense magic : spawn greater group heal spell
spawn cleanse spell
spawn reflection spell
spawn dust storm spell
spawn greater spectral armor spell
charm magic : spawn summon cobra naga spell
spawn summon ghost valkyrie spell
spawn charm monster spell
spawn summon firedrake spell
spawn summon barkman spell
spawn dispel summoned monster spell

this all my experience
good luck & be happy

Submitted by: Morim

Instead of making items appear and identifying and all that stuff that can turn really 
annoying after a while, you can just write down "Gold (Quantity of gold you want)", 
of course without the " and have all the money you want in just one strike ;)

Additional Cheat Codes:
Activate Cheat Mode by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+TILDE (the key above TAB). You will receive a
"?" prompt, after which you can enter the codes below to activate the corresponding 

spawn [Creature Name]      - Summons creature specified.
spawn [Item Name]          - Summons item specified.
Blood                      - Game now displays blood.
Discoverall                - Reveals full dungeon area.
Dumpmap                    - Creates a text description of the current map to maze.txt file,
                             located in game installation folder.
Fame #                     - Adds # fame points.
spawn Fate Statue          - Produces statue that awards either monster or random gems.
spawn Fountain of Health   - Produces a health-replenishing fountain.
spawn Fountain of Mana     - Produces a mana-replenishing fountain.
spawn Fountain of Stamina  - Produces a stamina-replenishing fountain.
spawn Fountain of Wellness - Produces a fountain that replenishes health and mana.
Gold #                     - Generates specified amount of gold.
spawn Large Chest          - Generates a large, empty chest.
Levelup                    - Awards one experience level.
spawn Magic Anvil          - Produces an anvil that adds either a positive or negative
                             effect to an item.
Noblood                    - Blood, if enabled, is replaced once more with the default
                             star particles.
Realm #                    - Move to specified realm ID.
spawn Shrine of Learning   - Produces a shrine that awards positive or negative effects.
REALMCOMPLETE #            - Completes all realm quests in specified realm.
STATBOOST                  - Adds 25 points to each of your character's attributes.
RTCLOCK                    - Produces a clock near the screen's upper right corner.

Free Stuff:
There are two practice targets in the northern part of town, if you defeat one it 
will spill out a lot of Enchanted Jewelry and Gems.

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