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  Hints and Tips for: F.E.A.R. 3 
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 F.E.A.R. 3 Cheats

F.E.A.R. 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View 
all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement             How to unlock
A Precursor           - In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with
                        headshots before slo-mo ends.
Almost Halfway        - Attain rank 10.
Art Collector         - Pin 100 total enemies with The Penetrator or Leaper knives.
Extremist             - Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading 
                        checkpoints or going into Last Stand.
Footy Foul            - Kill 2 enemies with 1 Slide Kick during Slow-Mo.
God Among Men         - Kill 250 total enemies during Slow-Mo.
Handle with Care      - Return 30 crates in one game of Contractions.
Hanging 20            - Complete wave 20 in Contractions.
Head Crab Removal     - Kill 20 enemies with a crowbar.
Homecoming King       - Complete interval 08.
House Arrest          - Attain a total of 105,000 score on Interval 04.
I F.E.A.R. Nothing!   - Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone 
                        going into Last Stand.
Indecisive            - Possess 20 different enemies in one round of soul king.
Insider Trading       - Possess every type of possessable enemy.
Big Brother's Helper  - As Fettel, suspend 100 enemies that Pointman kills.
Cannibal Run          - Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 03.
Completionist         - Complete every challenge at least once.
Crossing Over         - Attain a total of 70,000 score on Interval 06.
Dead Blind            - Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog 
                        without going into Last Stand.
Doll Collector        - Find the Alma Doll on every Mission.
Dream Score           - Attain a total of 50,000 score on Interval 08.
Earl of Pain          - Kill 1,000 enemies by any method in any game mode.
Point Authority       - Attain a total of 110,000 score on Port Authority.
Point Taken           - Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 05.
Prison Impossible     - Complete interval 01.
Score Monger          - Complete 30 challenges in one Interval.
Soul Gatherer         - Attain a total of 6,000 Souls in one round of Soul King.
Soul Hoarder          - Attain a total of 25,000 Souls across all rounds of a 
                        Soul King match.
Spiritually Attuned   - Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal).
Supreme Challenger    - Complete 500 total challenges between all categories.
Magna Slum Laude      - Attain a total of 85,000 score on Interval 02.
Man Mode              - Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty.
Monarch               - Win 20 rounds of soul king.
No can defense!       - Kill 100 enemies with the Jump Kick or Slide Kick.
Pain, In Bulk         - Complete interval 03.
Terminal Victory      - Complete interval 07.
Through the Haystack  - Complete interval 05.
Town Hall Beating     - Complete interval 04.
Trouble Cross         - Complete interval 06.
Unstoppable!          - Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match.
Up The River          - Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 01.
Yo, Adrian!           - Find something worth punching!
You've got the Touch! - Attain rank 21.

Unlock Insane Difficulty:
Beat the game once on any difficulty to unlock the final difficulty level.

Submitted by: MaziD
Email :

-=Insanity Mode=-
Beat the game to unlock Insanity Mode.

-=Paxton Fettel (Single Player Campaign)=-
Once you complete a level as Point Man you then can re-play that level as Paxton Fettel. 
Fettel can only be played on levels that you've already completed as Point Man.

Alma Doll Locations:
Submitted by: MaziD
Email :

-=Here are some Alma Doll locations for F.E.A.R. 3=-
Interval-01: Underneath the staircase when you see a lock on a door when that has a 
psychic link behind the door break the lock. Head down until you see shotguns and then 
crouch and go underneath the staircase.

How to Get 'Score Monger The Secrect Achievements:
Submitted by: MaziD
Email :

Complete 30 challenges in a one interval for the Score Monger Achievement Trophy.

Easy "Soul Gatherer" and "Soul Hoarder" achievement or trophy:
Start a network game. Although a second player is required, they can just remain idle
after joining the game. Select the "Fresh Fish" map, with a five minute time limit, 
5 rounds, the Recruit difficulty setting, and Join option "Closed". "Soul Gatherer" 
can be earned after the first round, and "Soul Hoarder" can be earned after five 

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