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  Hints and Tips for: Fiesta Online 
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 Fiesta Online Cheats

Fiesta Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

How to make lots of money:
You will need to be around level 40 and up.

Unlockable   How to unlock
Go to cp   - Fight monsters they will drop dim stuff  sell really good.

Update by: aragorn blunt
Update by: dalton 
Submitted by: MEGAMEN

When Playing the game:

Code                                Result
I HAVE ALL THE GOLD[number]       = have copper,silver,gold coin and gem
I AM A MONSTER                    = have the higest level in the game
I am the best                     = have all the best armor
I am the best archer of all       = best archer weapons (archers only!)

Submitted by: [GM]Dakkon

Fiesta online has many sercets but the thing u should know is that lvl 40+
poeple have a good way to earn money and thats to sell stuff u find the lucky
drops are in uruga on the achorns they drop mostly green weapons if u need a
high leveled green hunt fir them in uruga.

Hint - Easy Gold:
Submitted by: itachi3uchiha

An easy way to make money in Fiesta is to join a Kingdom Quest. As long as
you are level 5 or higher you can join one. They will give u prizes if you 
succesfully beat a Kingdom Quest and some prizes will sell for a lot of money.
The best prizes are probably in Honeying KQ which is for levels 40-50. Mini 
Dragon kq is also a good one, i once got a pair of earrings called Mini Dragon's
Earrings of Protection which sold for over 3 gold.

How to get from level 1 to level 89:
Submitted by: Cheats

You need to be level 1 then use a scroll to Uruga then go in to battle zone
level 3. Once there die 10 times exactly or the cheat will not be affective 
next press a, w, d, s, w, w, s, d, a, s, then wait in about 10 second it 
should say level up normaly 89 times constantly and there you go.

Getting Rich:
Make A "NEW" account then make your character then get in to the world, You should
spawn in a place called Roumen right. Theirs a lady on a box in front of you DONT 
talk to her just move up the stairs behind u. Talk to the black smith then click 
purchase DONT buy any thing just close the box. Then go back to the person on the 
box talk to her and do what she says she will lead u to a girl named healer julia 
dont do her quest just run down to the end where ther is a forest kill ONE mushroom
come back and do her quest then go back near the forest not in the forest! beside 
the forest their will be an old guy standing behind a gate,talk to him close the 
box again and then click on the flower on his head in the bottom right corner of 
the screen it will say error occored#222222212 (thats good). 
Look in ur invintory where it has little coins in the gold coin slot their will be 
a "#" sign just NEVER click that and u have infinent money (not spark cash).

Level 10 in 3 slimes!:
Submitted by: yoyoitsme

Ok this is how you do this I actuly am the only one who found this out,So Firstly 
make a new charcter i prefer a knight you can choose A knight it is like easier so
make a charcter knight and at lvl 1 level up to level 5 ok, Secondly When level 5 
go to kindom-quest-list and join the most room for kind slimes counterattack and 
when done you may have almost leveled to level 6 or 7 so kill 3 slimes exact and 
level 10 presto.

Get gold so easy!:
Submitted by: cheater

Hello look down if you're level is one of them
26-30--200gold Whats ur level??is it one of them?well earn them 
31-35--350gold so fast well you have to be in level 15,levels that are level 
36-38--550gold 14 down are not allowed to do this or else you're character 
39-46--670gold will loose some levels! so just do it in the attended levels 
47-57--780gold al you do is talk to storgae keeper in elderine and roumen or 
58-70--950gold uruga then click the withdraw buton then press the golds button 
71-80--50gems that are level something something lol.okay then withdraw that 
81-95--150gems gold then try to click it 5times if it doesnt load you are lag
96-100-250gems then just press it till you do it then THERE U GO! but u have to 
101-150-500gems make sure or else you wont get the money oaky bye

From level 1 to level 10 instantly:
* Join a kingdom quest (you can join one around lvl 5 click the button that looks
like an hourglass by your map and if it says recruting by it you shold be able to join).

* You need to kill at leaset 5 monsters or you can join a party and they will do it 
for you.(a tresure chest should appear by the time and your lifes if you have defeated
5 monsters).

* You shold get to lvl 6-7 by the time the kingdome quest(you should lvl up at the end
if you completed it and killed 5 monsters). Tip:if someone in your party kills a monster
you get the same crdit.(exp,if you need a monster for a quest,etc.)you will NOT recive 
the drops but it is always a good idea to join a party in a kingdom quest especially 
if you are a low level.

* Go to the rookie hunting grounds (in roumen) and then kill 3-11 slimes. When you are
done you are done with that, you sholud be lvl 10 (is worked for should it not work for
you post it and i will get to you).

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