Fifa 2000 - Major League Soccer Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 2000 - Major League Soccer 
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 Fifa 2000 - Major League Soccer Cheats

Fifa 2000 - Major League Soccer

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Akshay

Enter any of the following cheats in the CHEATS menu in (options)

Code        Result
MOMONEY   - Unlimited Bankroll                                         
HOOLIGAN  - Bonus Teams                                                
BURNABY   - EAC Pitch                                                  
SIZZLE    - Lightening Mode                                            
DIZZY     - Alien Mode                                                 
LIGHTSOUT - Glow Mode                                                  

Finding Robbie Williams:
Enable the "Bonus teams" code. Robbie Williams may be found on the
Special Guests team in the Rest Of The World listing.

Finding Pele:
Pele may be found in the game as No. 10 and plays for a Classic
Brazilian team side, Santos '62-'63 and the Classic Brazilian 
national team (Brazil '58 and Brazil '70).

Finding Ronaldo:
Ronaldo may be found in the game as No. 9 and plays for the Italian
side, Inter Milan and the Brazilian national team. 

Finding Romario:
Romario may be found in the game as No. 11 and plays for a Brazilian
team side, Flamengo.

Finding Youri Djorkaeff:
Youri Djorkaeff may be found as No. 14 on the German side, Kaiserslautern.

Black & White mode:
Choose two classic teams to play whith and screen will turn Black & White. 

Orange mode:
Choose one classic and one "original" team to play whith and the screen
will turn Orange. 

How to score an easy goal:
When you're inside the penalty area alone with your opposition's goalie,
push the CTRL button quickly when the keeper is going down to take the 
ball. If you do it right and your timing is right you'll jump over the 
keeper and you can just walk with the ball into the goal.

How to make your opposition score a goal:
Do the same thing, just stop the ball on the line. Then a defender will
tackle you and you know the rest.

How to score on free kicks right outside the penalty area:
Tap the DOWN button two times. DON'T PUSH, just tap it. Then add maximum
ballspin at the outside of the wall. DON'T MOVE THE AIMING ARROW!!! Press
S until the green arrow is full. 95% of my free kicks taken like this go 
in. PS: If you're more than about 25 meters away from the goal, don't add
that much ballspin.
NOTE: The further from the goal you get your free kick, the harder it is
to score!

* In FIFA, the program rewards goals and opportunities to the player who
  puts on the most pressure. Ball possession, time spent in the offensive
  zone, and a large number of shots on goal (no matter how weak they may 
  be) all contribute to the ease with which program-controlled defenses 
  break down and shots find the back of the net. 

* Resist the urge to wildly switch players when under pressure in your 
  own zone. Instead, maintain control of one player and press button 3 
  (the "gentle" tackle button) in rapid fashion. Because the program 
  itself moves players to mark the ball carrier, any player who comes
   in contact with the ball will be ready to steal it. 

* One of the best ways to move a ball around a tight defense is the button
  1 lob pass, simply because nobody can steal it when it's in mid-air. Also,
  your intended recipient will almost always have more time, and experience 
  less defensive pressure, when moving into position for a slow aerial ball 
  than for a streaking ground ball. 
* Once you're reasonably competent, set the referee strictness to Maximum. 
  AI-controlled teams are usually quite aggressive, as are most new human 

* If you're sprinting into the box with a defender nipping at your toes 
  from behind, don't shoot. Instead, let him drag you down he almost 
  always will--and you'll reap the benefits of a penalty kick. Your 
  chances of scoring from the spot are  infinitely better than when 
  you're hurtling in with defenders all around. 

Submitted by: sumit

When u r past the half field with a player having the ball press "w" 
repeatedly to sprint fat towards the goal around 2-feet behind the penalty
shoot spot deviate to left or right and press "d" i.e shoot and it will 
99%be a goal.

Finding Veron:
Veron plays for the Italian side, Lazio.

Finding Port Vale:
Port Vale F.C. may be found in the game in "Rest of World". They are in
there because Robbie Williams supports them.

Passing Goal:
Great tip for scoring. When you're in the penalty box and the keeper's gonna
go for the ball, use the through pass (with or without direction, depends 
on where you're coming from) and he misses the ball up and you have a GOAL!

Tricks with the ball:
Press "E" and the player that is in the possession of the ball will suddenly
stop and will make some tricks with the ball. Press "Control" key and the 
player that has the ball will make all kind of things to keep it.

How to make your player better:
Submitted by: kristhian

Open the game fifa 2000,and go to cuztomize and choose a team you want to make 
better.then if you already chosen the team,you can now choose which plyer do you 
want to EDIT.there is an left and right arrow bellow the name of the player and 
press the right arrow,and increase the player to the highiest level do you want...
then go back and save the player that you EDIT.


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