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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 2005 
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 Fifa 2005 Cheats

Fifa 2005

Submitted by: Mohamad Meqdady

go to My Document folder then fifa 2005 folder then A. Settings folder which 
the stored items will be there inside this folder you will find a file (A. Settings) 
First make copy of this file then open it with hexeditor and from the line 0X0E90 
and beside the world unlock change 0 to 1 and enjoy with most unlocked items from 
fifa 2005 store points if the message invalid settings appers when run the game 
replace theorginal file.

Submitted by: kent

This is not a really cheat yet, however this fifa game family not usually 
comes with a lot of cheat-codes.
Some of below may help you:

- The easiest way to do a effective tackling is hold "q" button (call 2nd defender), 
  it's esspecially useful when you play against world-class by keyboard.
- World-class level ussually attack by crossing from wings so a good heading ability 
  maybe a good choice. I suggest Rio Ferdinand, Metzelder.
- If you get problem with finishing, trying aproach the penalty box and do a shoot 
  as soon as the GK rushing out. I think best striker is Thierry Henrry, Michaen Owen.
- Try to use first touch to leave the defender behind but do not use it always, you 
  would lost the possesion. As hign as level are, you must be more careful at keeping 
- In Carrier Mode, don't buy old players, they can retire after season ends. Some 
  young players you may consider are C.Ronaldo, Reyes, Vicente, 
- Some of good players are Pavel Neved, Pablo Aimar, Patrick Viera, C. Ronaldo, 
  J.Stamp, S.Gerrard... You can keep listing it. Enjoy.

Submitted by:  Mahdi Akrami

If you like to be a Good Manager.Try Carear Mode and When you recive points you 
first reduce your Fitness to have more powerfull players and your Finance to have 
more money to buy better players.
You can sell your bad players and buy better players if you have few good players 
its better than much bad players it's better to have good Forwards and Halfbacks 
so first buy good Forwards and Halfbacks.
And don't forget if you win cups you can manage more powerfull teams at next years. 
So try to be a good Manager.
And don't forget that best Defence is "ATTACK".
Have Fun.

Submitted by: Yasir Wahab

Firstly its a fantastic game,You can try most ways of dribling in this 
game by pressing (left shift key)if you want to make dream team then you 
must have like following:

A.Nesta        AC MILLAN 
Kuffor         BAYERN MUINCH
R.Carlos       REAL MADRID
Michal Salgado REAL MADRID

Vicente   VALENCIA
Totti     ROMA

Strikers & CF: 
Reyes     ARSENAL
Drogba    CHELSEA

Fifa 2005 has much best playes you have ever seen so enjoy it,the free 
kick of zidane and henry is unbelieveable . The most expensive player are

R.van nistlroy

Submitted by: Greg

IF you press [Left Shift] wiule holding down E you will get a burst of speed. 
However defenders can reach the ball, so try it only when you have a lot of 
space (for exemple a quick run down the wing).

Submitted by: praju

During free kicks, by pressing shift and using the arrow keys control the swing of the ball.

While running press shift arrow keys to do superb dribling moves to decieve your marker.

During corners if a running charge is given press agressive tackle to change it to heading 
mode and vice versa. Enjoy your moves and win cups.

Submitted by: UIT Team

For changing the music during the menu time or the simulation time just press F5. 
Press continuously for more songs. Enjoy your songs!!

Submitted by: SHAHRIZAN

Create a player and set his skill and abilities to 10.When you play,he is unstoppable

Submitted by: anchit

to increase the storehouse points open my documents open fifa 2005 folder open 
A.Settings folder open A.settings file in notepad and find store housepoints in 
the written material now change the house points as much as u like but below 9000

Submitted by: srikkanth from ambattur

best team in 05 is arsenal u can change ur manage
and change u r team as below forward:

ran vanhesltelroy(man united)
owens(has 96attack)(92 mid);

(raul)(real madrid)
rooney (man united
((check juventus for best&young)

rio ferninand(man uni)
woodgate(real madrid)
(check for barcelona arsenal chelsea for defence players)

goal keeper:
caslilas(real madrid)(best)

Submitted by: K.R.Ananthanarayanan

Here is a simple cheat for the FIFA 2005 game.
When u go to Career Mode u get a team with low reputation say 3-star Team but 
there's a trick by which u can make the team 4-star.
Just go to 'Create Player Mode'
and create four to six players with maximum attributes and transfer them to the 
team which u prefer to choose to run ur career.
The players can be set to Att,Mid,Def so that the overall reputation increases and 
that u can win without and extra efforts.
Simple cheat isn't it????

Submitted by: Rishab Mehta

while playing the carrer mode when an old player retires,the new player is of 
less power but it can be again made as the former player by first load the 
carrer and then save the game and then exit carrer mode and again loading the 
mode,it really works i make the new player after henry same as him but do not 
play any match untill you make ur player as before and its speed of again 
increasing the skill depends upon scouting staff so make scouting staff stronger 
for quicker results. Thank you and my last line is it is a great game.
So ENJOY!!!!!!!!! 

Submitted by: Butuc Theodor

-Try pressing Left Shift and Up Or Down Key to see what will happen'
-If you whant to make a better takle hold down q (call 2nd defender)
-at corners call your goalkeeper with w to come and take the ball when 
  its entering the box
-when the striker from the other team gets in the box press w quick and 
the goalkeeper will come out and block the striker.

Submitted by: Butuc Theodor

The best team that can beat at world class is MILAN F.C.
Its got a good defense with Stam ,Nesta ,Cafu and Maldini all >90 and 
a better atack with Crespo >90, Shevcenko>95 ,and Kaka>90 or Tomasson>90 
cheat by `chaOs

Submitted by: Rishab Mehta

Best Strikers:
1-Henry (Arsenal)
2-Van Nistelrooy(Man Utd.)
3-Roy Makaay(Bayern Munich)
4-Andriy Shevchenko(AC Milan)
5-Ronaldo(Real Madrid)

Best Mid Fielders:
1-Zidane(Real Madrid)
6-C.Ronaldo(Man Utd.)
7-Kaka(AC Milan)

Best Defenders:
1-Nesta(AC Milan)
3-Ferdinand(Man Utd.)
4-Stam(AC Milan)
6-Lucio(Bayern Munich)

Best Goalkeepers:
1-Casillas(Real Madrid)
2-O Kahn(Bayern Munich)
5-E Van der sar(Fulham)

All these players are best but some of these are old and they retire 
in the starting years of the carrer mode but the new players searched 
by scouting staff can again become like the retired ones 1-load the 
carrer mode and save the game and then exit carrer mode agin loading 
game and agin saving. This makes new players again powerful like star 
players but this works in the starting of theseason without playing any 
match and depends on the power of scouting staff. Thats all. Enjoyyy

Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta

In Carrer Mode in 3rd season u will get epl open with Newcadtle and in 4th u will get 
liverpool n get big stars in ur team even with low managerial prestiage is a way out. Normally big players reject ur offer.if they do so.quit 
without saving.load ur carrer again.give offer again.if he accepts ur offer 
ur carrer n give offer to another player.repeat these steps to have a dream team.if 
player not respond even in 3 or 4 offer.forget him and look for other players.i beat 
every club even in my 3rd season in prof. game just bcoz of this.

Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta

What are best team formation in fifa 2005.And ans is 3-4-1-2.this is a best mix of attack n 
Make sure ur center defender heading ability is high.if so u won't concede goals.have centre 
midfielder with good midfield ability and high defence ability.don't bother about there 
attacking skill.These Tactics are unstoppable. If U want even more attcking formation try 
3-4-3.But in world class i recommend 3-4-1-2

Score Goals easily:
By- Manas & Ashish Kumar Nanda

At the time of Goal Kick of the opposite team stand just in-front of the 
Goal keeper and continuously press 'D'. Here the ball will be checked 
immediately after the Goal Kick and then it will be very easy to score a goal.

Restore Physical Stats:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta

Save the game after a career mode game. Quit, then reload the 
saved game to increase the physicals stats of your players.
» FIFA Store Points
Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding number 
of points at the My FIFA store. 

Go To Career Mode                   : 1,000 points 
Go To Jukebox                       : 1,000 points 
Go To Practice Mode                 : 1,000 points 
Go To Set Pieces Screen             : 1,000 points 
Go To Tournament Creator Mode       : 1,000 points 
Go To Tournament Mode               : 1,000 points 
5 Game Win Streak (Career)          : 2,000 points 
Beat a 5 star team                  : 2,000 points 
Beat a Rival Team                   : 2,000 points 
Get a Clean Sheet                   : 2,000 points 
Play a Football Fusion match        : 2,000 points 
Qualify For Europe                  : 4,000 points 
Play Online                         : 4,000 points 
Create a Player                     : 6,000 points 
Get Your Team Promoted              : 6,000 points 
Win The MLS Open Cup                : 6,000 points 
Score a Hat Trick                   : 6,000 points 
Win a Match with a National Team    : 6,000 points 
Win a PK Shootout                   : 6,000 points 
Win by 5 + Goals                    : 6,000 points 
Win The Austrian OFB Cup            : 6,000 points 
Win The Austrian Bundesliga         : 6,000 points 
Win The Belgian FA Cup              : 6,000 points 
Win The Belgian League              : 6,000 points 
Win The Brazilian Cup               : 6,000 points 
Win The Brazilian League            : 6,000 points 
Win The LDV Vans Trophy (England)   : 6,000 points 
Win The Community Shield (England)  : 6,000 points 
Win The Supercopa (Spain)           : 6,000 points 
Win The Copa de España (Spain)      : 6,000 points 
Win The Coppa Nazionale (Italy)     : 6,000 points 
Win The Coupe de France             : 6,000 points 
Win The Coupe de la Ligue (France)  : 6,000 points 
Win The DONG Cup                    : 6,000 points 
Win The Danish Superligaen          : 6,000 points 
Win The Deutscher Pokal (Germany)   : 6,000 points 
Win The Dt. Super-Cup (Germany)     : 6,000 points 
Win The Dutch Cup                   : 6,000 points 
Win The Dutch Eredivisie            : 6,000 points 
Win The ECC                         : 6,000 points 
Win The EFA                         : 6,000 points 
Win Football League Champ           : 6,000 points 
Win Football League One             : 6,000 points 
Win Football League Two             : 6,000 points 
Win The European Super Cup          : 6,000 points 
Win The English Cup                 : 6,000 points 
Win The Scottish FA Cup             : 6,000 points 
Win The FA Premier League           : 6,000 points 
Win The German Bundesliga 1         : 6,000 points 
Win The German Bundesliga 2         : 6,000 points 
Win The K-League                    : 6,000 points 
Win The League Cup (England)        : 6,000 points 
Win French Division 1               : 6,000 points 
Win The French Division 2           : 6,000 points 
Win The Mexican Apertura            : 6,000 points 
Win The MLS                         : 6,000 points 
Win The Norwegian FA Cup            : 6,000 points 
Win The Norwegian Tippeligaen       : 6,000 points 
Win The Portuguese Cup              : 6,000 points 
Win The Portuguese SuperLiga        : 6,000 points 
Win The Scottish Premier League     : 6,000 points 
Win The Italian Serie A             : 6,000 points 
Win The Italian Serie B             : 6,000 points 
Win The Spanish Primera             : 6,000 points 
Win The Spanish Segunda             : 6,000 points 
Win The Supercoppa Nazionale (Italy): 6,000 points 
Win The Swedish Allsvenskan         : 6,000 points 
Win The Swedish Cup                 : 6,000 points 
Win The Swiss Axpo Super League     : 6,000 points 
Win The Swiss Cup                   : 6,000 points 
Win The Trophée Champions (France)  : 6,000 points 
10 Game Win Streak (Career)         : 6,000 points 
Win The Americas Club Championship  : 6,000 points 
Win The Mexican Clausura            : 6,000 points 
Win The Copa del Rey                : 6,000 points 
Score a goal with a created player  : 8,000 points 
Complete career mode                : 8,000 points 

Become a 5 star manager: 10,000 points:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta

Best Prem Players
Arsenal        - T.Henry (ST) 
Aston Villa    - J.Angel (ST) 
Birmingham     - M.Upson (CB) M.Forssell (ST) 
Blackburn      - B.Friedel (GK) 
Bolton         - J.Jaaskelainen (GK) JayJay (CAM) 
Charlton       - D.Rommedahl (RWM) 
Chelsea        - C.Makelele (CDM) C.Cudicini (GK) 
Crystal Palace - G.Sorondo (CB) 
Everton        - Arteta (CM) 
Fulham         - E.Van Der Sar (GK) 
Liverpool      - S.Gerrard (CM) 
Man City       - D.James (GK) 
Man Utd        - R.Van Nistelrooy (ST) 
Middlesbrough  - G.Mendieta (RWM) 
Newcastle      - S.Given (GK) 
Norwich        - T.Helveg (RB) 
Portsmouth     - P.Berger (CAM) 
Southampton    - A.Niemi (GK) 
Tottenham      - R.Keane (ST) 

Free kick:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
In other to get a good free kick, you must stop the meter at 
the green spot and the ball must curved to fool the keeper. 
There is no need to bend the ball, because it bends itself. If 
you bend it, you will miss the goal. The meter must stop near 
the green spot. Just aim the ball by the side of keeper 
slightly to the right of your screen. There is no need to bend 
the ball and take the free kick. Try this in practice mode. To 
score a free kick, put the target in the top corner of the 
side of the goal that the wall is standing in front of. Make 
sure that you do not press [Spin] and that the spin target is 
in the dead center of the ball. Put a fair amount of power in, 
but do not go near there. Also, make sure the accuracy is in 
the middle of the green. The ball will shoot over the wall and 
into the top corner.

Easy wins:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
If your rating is higher than the opponent, you can simulate 
the match and win about 75% of the time.

Easy goals:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
Select a good corner kicker (Pires, Beckham, Paul Scholes, 
etc.). Change your formation to 4-3-3 and when you get a 
corner you should see a striker on the spot for penalties .Get 
the shooter to aim there and try to hit the green spot on the 
bar. Once he kicks ,the keeper should come out to try to get 
the ball, but your striker will shoot a goal that he should 
get into the back of the net about 70% of the time. Note: This 
trick may not work if the other side uses a 3-5-2, as a 
defender will catch it . Nonetheless, this trick is very 
useful when you are a goal down or near full time.

Be Celtic or Rangers in career mode:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
When you first try to start a career in Region 1, you will 
notice that you cannot be Celtic or Rangers. However, if you 
select "Back" then go in again several times, Celtic and 
Rangers will appear at the selection screen.

Changing teams in category:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
When you start a new season and cannot find the team, go back 
then enter that category again. The teams will change.

Team selection in career mode:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
If you cannot find your team in a region in career mode, 
choose that team as your "Own Team" in your profile in My FIFA 
2005. You will then find that team listed first in its current 

Submitted by: srikkanth

press up+down+shift key in dribbling the player will rotate
in long pass press q+w then
then player will make long pass in air 
2.stikers go near the keeper and just feather tour u r 'd' key
its a sure goal in world class
in corners use inswing far post

Submitted by: Umesh

If You Are Looking For An ALLROUNDER And For Some spin,I Suggest That 

Submitted by: abubakar

after making your setting you will get a housepoint of 1000 using ur editor 
2 edir my document a settings go 2 line 1140 where the house point is written 
1000 & unlock change it 2 9999999 you can write over the & unlock there is 
no problem.

Submitted by: Pacharo

Take Liverpool as "My Team" then play Tournament U will win all matches 
without much effort . this cheat can work in any play mode.

To unlock 60 items and get 9000 FIFA points:
Submitted by: Amough.R.Subramanian

go to My Documents and open the FIFA 2005 folder.There open settings and then 
A.Settings, here goto line 0x0e90 and change all 0 to 1.

Submitted by: Jerin

during a match if u r losing or u want to score easy gaols then press esc 
& in the menu select sides. choose that team from which u r not playing & 
next thing u know ur controlling that team.some own goals would do it....

Submitted by: Hussain Azam

If you want to score goles the most easier way is to try and found the top 
corner of net.It doesn't matter you are playing in world class or semi pro.
if you find the top corner it is a certain goal.

Submitted by: Abhisek [] 

FIFA 2005 LAN game cheat

first of all thanx for the cheats..
u can change the formation of ur team 
by pressing E+D button..

some one plz tell me how 2 block CROSS KICKS from corner ???

Game Hint:
Submitted by, Harigovindan,Kerala,INDIA

Press "D" along with "C" to modify a shot and make the GK just jump to save the 
imaginary shot. 

Submitted by: Rik Pal

Search bayern munich for good defence with Lucio & a good midfield with 
M.Ballack & T.Frings.
The best goalkeepers in fifa 2005 
Dida[AC Milan] & Casillas[Real Madrid] 

Submitted by: krish_boss

Get 8000 upgrade points,5 star manager, 1000000000 cash, job security bar 100% !

download fifa 2005 +4 trainer file from th following website:
then exract the zip file and launch it.
another file will open and in that open the fifa2005.exe file from ur comp.
then play 1 match.
after that u will find the above stated. 

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