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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 2006 
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 Fifa 2006 Cheats

Fifa 2006

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:


At first go to club transfer.
Transfer the your favarite players into your likly club team,
after that save it after that goto team managment and manage 
that team (make first 11 with most low overalled player of that team), 
save it and exit start the manager mode and you will get your team at 
perfect region

Complete the following tasks to earn the number of 
points at the My FIFA store.

Complete the Underdog challenge      - 500 points
Complete the Hat Trick challenge     - 500 points
Complete the 5 Minute challenge      - 750 points
Win the League Cup                   - 750 points
Win the Football League Championship - 750 points
Win the Scottish Premier League      - 750 points
Win the English Cup                  - 1,000 points
Win the F.A. Premier League          - 1,500 points
Win the LDV Vans Trophy              - 500 points
Win the Football League 1            - 500 points
Win the Football League 2            - 500 points
Win the Scottish Cup                 - 500 points

Full stat team:
ou can make any team have full stats by editing each players stats and upgrading
them to 99. However, be warned; if you start with this team in manager mode, your
salary will be high. Make sure to cut their contracts down as soon as possible.

To start with a five star team immediately in career mode, go to the team management
screen. Put the bad players in the first eleven so that your team will be a four 
star team. Then go to career mode. Your team should be there. Save your career, then
go back to the team management screen. Put the first eleven players back, save it, 
and you will have the normal team on friendlies and your team on career mode.

Fully fit team in manager mode:
When in manager mode, notice that the energy bars of your players decrease after
each match. Save your career, then go back to the main menu. Load your career again.
Your team will have full health again. Note: This may not work the first time. Save 
and reload the game maybe once or twice more for it to work.

Increase profits in manager mode:
At the start of your season, do not spend the money you have immediately on staff
upgrades and new players. Instead, spend the money you have on renewing player 
contracts. Wait to get your players morale up first, as they will be more likely
to accept a renewal if they are happy at the club. Sometimes you can cut a players
salary in half, if not more. Make sure to save the game before renewing contracts 
so that you can start low, and increase each time if the player refuses the renewal.
If a player refuses the renewal at a high price, and they have a high moral, then 
it may be because they are close to retirement. This can earn you up to 3,000 credits
(off your current salary) each match if done well. Alongside a good sponsor, you 
could be earning 7,000 to 8,000 credits each game when at home.

Start as five star team in career mode:
To do this you must unlock career teams in the My Fifa menu. You can do this by
completing the challenges set.

Win everything in manager mode with any team:
Pick a team, then start your career. Save your game. Choose "Next Match", then
"Quick Sim". If you win the match, save your progress. If you lose a match, 
return to the main menu and load your career again. You can have as many chances
as you want against a team, as the outcome is random every time. Make sure to 
save your progress after every win, in case you lose unexpectedly.

Submitted by: : Rivu

To Play with your favourite team, go to team management and bring all the 
substitutes to the first & exit.the go to create player and create as
many players aloowed to your team.give each player full(99) go 
to career mode and select your soon as the 1st transfer season comes 
sell all the created players,you will see your budget shoot up like a 
this way you will not get fired by mid season, and after a year or two, you can 
buy all the players of your dreams. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Ariwala Rohan

when you play the game in any of the modes{tournament,kick off etc on ESC key on keyboard and pause the game. on select side & select the opponents side. the game. on "S" key and click on the arrow key & send the ball to goal keepar.
  Again press "S" to score goal.
5.before the time gets over change the side. will win the game

Editing teams in manager mode:
When editing a team in team management from the main menu, make sure if you 
have not yet unlocked career team that they are under four and a half stars. 
Otherwise, you will not be able to use them. If you make them too good, then 
you will lose money from too much cash being played for salary. Also in manager 
mode if you have done this and are in the lower leagues, then you can sim most 
of the games. It is recommended that you still play cup games to please your 

Easy goals:
Run in the crease. When the goalie comes and tries to attack, pass and shoot 
it immediately.

Full stat team:
Use the following trick to be any team desired in career mode without buying 
better career teams from the fan shop. First, go to team management and choose
a four and a half or five star team. Put all their worst players into the starting
line up. They need to go down to about four stars or less. You can then use them 
in career mode. When you have begun your career you can change your team back.

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