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  Hints and Tips for: Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG 
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 Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG Cheats

Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jamie 

When it says enter cheats put "iamsin" it will give you 250 points
for all your stats.

Easy relationship points:
When you talk to a person, scroll the mouse around and click where 
the "Talk" option would be several times. Your relationship points 
will increase.

Information for all girls:
Age: 17
Cup: B35
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite candy: Chocolate
Favorite Stat: Spirit
Favorite Band: System of a down
Favorite Song: Chop Suey
Favorite Car: Subaru WRX
Favorite Place: Lake Macalania
Favorite Drink: Water
Game: Final Fantasy 10 

-=Selphie Tillmitt
Age: 17
Cup: B30
Favorite Song: Hey Boy
Favorite Car: Any fast car
Favorite Food: any candy
Favorite Candy: Any Candy
Favorite Band: Teddybears STHLM
Favorite Stat: Strength
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite place: Lunar Base
Game: Final Fantasy 8 

-=Quistis Trepe
Age: 18
Cup: C30
Favorite song: My Band
Favorite car: Lamborghini Diablo
Favorite food: pancakes
Favorite candy: winegum
Favorite band: D12
Favorite stat: Strength
Favorite drink: Coke
Favorite place: Sleeping Forest
Game: Final Fantasy 8 

-=Garnet Alexandros
Age: 16
Cup: B25
Favorite song: Sleep
Favorite car: Subaru WRX
Favorite food: Pizza, lollipops
Favorite band: Dandy Warhols
Favorite stat: Spirit
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite place: Beach
Game: Final Fantasy 9 

-=Tifa Lockheart
Age: 20
Cup: D40
Favorite song: I dislike music
Favorite car: Toyota Yaris
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite candy: Lollypops
Favorite band: I hate music
Favorite stat: Strength
Favorite drink: Coke
Favorite place: Northern Crater
Game: Final Fantasy 7 

-=Rinoa Heartilly
Age: 17
Cup: C30
Favorite song: Eyes on Me
Favorite car: Cars suck
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite candy: Ice Cream
Favorite band: Julia
Favorite stat: Luck
Favorite drink: Wine
Favorite place: Northern Crater
Game: Final Fantasy 8 

-=Sarah Bright
Age: 18
Cup: A17
Favorite song: In the End
Favorite car: NSX-T 1997
Favorite food: Lasagne
Favorite candy: Chocolate
Favorite band: the Offspring
Favorite stat: Vitality
Favorite drink: Sprite
Favorite place: Lunar Base
Game: Not from Final Fantasy 

Age: 19
Cup: C37
Favorite song: Suteki Da Ne
Favorite car: Porshe Carrera GT
Favorite food: No favorite Food
Favorite candy: No favorite
Favorite band: Nobuo Uematsu
Favorite stat: Speed
Favorite drink: Vodka
Favorite place: Lake Macalania
Game: Final Fantasy X-2

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