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  Hints and Tips for: Firefight Reloaded 
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 Firefight Reloaded Cheats

Firefight Reloaded

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Death of a Hero" achievement:
Kill 100 enemies in the same session and die under the normal difficulty setting.

Easy "Explosive Conclusion" achievement:
Select Combine Firefight mode. You cannot repeatedly reload a quicksave using the 
same enemy. Instead, quicksave when you see a combine. Take out a grenade, then 
grab it your gravity gun. Drop the grenade near the combine that threw it. Killing
different combines will not work. Quickload if the grenade-throwing combine was not
killed. If the kill counted, quicksave, then repeat the process as many times as 

Easy "Manifest Destiny" achievement:
Reach level 50. This can be done over multiple sessions using saves as needed. 

Easy "Mass Homicide" achievement:
Kill 100 enemies in the same session and die under the easy difficulty setting.

Easy "Multiple Charges" achievement:
Select Combine Firefight mode and enable rare enemy spawning. When a hunter spawns,
grab an object, such as a barrel, with your gravity gun. Allow the hunter to shoot 
it with flechettes. Then, throw the object at the hunter. This may need to be done 
multiple times. Note: You can quicksave just before killing a hunter, then quickload
and repeat as many times as needed.

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