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 Flanker 2.0 Cheats

Flanker 2.0

Although not a documented feature, pressing the V key will make 
your plane invulnerable to damage or enemy fire. Unfortunately, 
this cheat won't work in the sim's campaign missions. 

Each of the default scripted missions can be "declassified" at
the Mission Editor screen's pull-down menu. Although a password
is asked for, you can leave this blank, because SSI has applied
a null password setting here. Once the mission is declassified,
you can edit it to your heart's content. (Tinkering with the 
Skills settings, for example, will allow you to enact the V key
cheat and other newbie aids, such as "Hard Landings" and "Allow
Recovery.") The campaign missions are still classified, but SSI
plans to release the appropriate password for them at an 
unspecified future date. 

When linking up with other players for a cooperative multiplayer
match, you can get a clearer view of each other's positions by 
turning on wingtip smoke with the T key. 

It turns out that the release version of Flanker 2.0 is 
incompatible with the latest set of 3dfx DX7 drivers. A patch 
may already be in place by the time you read this at SSI's 
dedicated Web site.

Press V to become invincible to enemy fire or damage. 
Note: This cannot be enabled in campaign mode. 

Edit mission scripts:
The default mission scripts can be declassified. Enter the 
mission editor and try to access the pull-down menu. Leave 
the password prompt blank to declassify a mission. Once this
is done, it may be edited to allow invincibility (under the 
"Skills" setting), hard landings, recovery, and more.

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