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  Hints and Tips for: FlatOut 2 
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 FlatOut 2 Cheats

FlatOut 2

Cheat Codes:
Select the "Create Profile" option, then enter one of the following names 
to activate the cheat function. The name entered will disappear to confirm
correct code entry. You may then enter the profile name of your choice, or
select an existing one. Only one code can be entered at a time.

Result                            Code
All tracks                      - GIVEALL
Pimpster                        - RUTTO
Big rig truck                   - BIGTRUCK
Flatmobile                      - WOTKINS
Ice cream truck                 - RAIDERS
School bus                      - GIEVCARPLZ
Rocket                          - KALJAKOPPA
All cars and 1 million credits  - GIEVEPIX 
El Diablo                       - ELPUEBLO
1 million credits               - GIVECASH

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: conner54

To be able to change the money amount in your profile, you need to HEX edit the
file named "player001.sav" located in: 
"C:\Program Files\Empire Interactive\FlatOut2Savegame" without quotes, with your
favorite HEX editor.

Modify the following offsets: 00000088 and 00000089, like this: 
open windows Calculator, put it on Scientific Mode, the click Dec (decimal) 
then type for example: 60000 then click Hex. That will translate to EA60.

Enter EA in 00000088 and 60 in 00000089.

PS: You don't need to close the game everytime you want to change the money amount. 
Just reload the Profile inside the game.

Bullet GT:
Finish in first place in all cups and stunts in Career mode. 

High Jump event:
Get one of the more stable cars (for example, the After Burner) and drive straight 
through the yellow barrels. Do not hesitate. Straighten up near the end. This may 
require a few attempts. 

Stone Skipping event:
To get a really good score in Stone Skipping, use the following steps. Do not start 
out going forward. Instead, start out backwards until you hit the wall behind you. 
Go to the end of the diving board and launch your driver at about 40 degrees. Keep 
trying to get all either "Perfects" or really good "Greats" and you might be able 
to bounce over the walkway that blocks you from going any further (not the walkway 
directly next to where you launch your driver, but the one near the end).

Street races:
when you get to the street races, get a strong car with good acceleration and a decent 
top speed. Go to the Speedway Left or Right. Instead of driving forwards and trying to 
win, turn around so you are driving in the wrong direction. Hit as many cars as you 
can. Note: You must unlock the Speedway Left. To do this, finish at least third place 
on the Street Wreck cup. For more money, try to concentrate on one driver to get the 
wrecked bonus.

Submitted by: sushant

Enter the cheat code in EXTRA - ENTER CODE the your cheat is easliy work without 
distrubing your profile

Unlockable: Cars:
To unlock the vehicles listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirement.

Bullet GT - Reach 97% in-game completion.
Insetta   - Win the Race Finals. 
Venom     - Win the Derby Finals.

Easy winning:
Submitted by: Parikshit singh

When you unlocked speedways left and right. You must take Flatmobile [unlocked by 
cheat-WOTKINS]. Take it and keep hitting the gas and boosting it by nitrous. You 
only have to do is that hold the UP key And you will find that your car is moving 
on the fence at the speed of 550k\mph. You can make your own lap record. My record
is 13 seconds. Try to beat this!

Note: This hint only works with flatmobile and worse on rocket.
Having any problems with this hint e-mail it to me at

Easily winnig hint in cars stunts:
Submitted by:Akshay M Mistry

Are you tired because you can't get first in car stunt. Here is the best hint to be 
first when your player come out from car and the stunt is over immediately press (Esc) 
Before (Press enter appear in screen) if your timing is right you will see only your 
score appear in the the record list and press enter your second turn will start than 
also the score of all your opponent will not written in the scoreboard (when you press 
Esc). If it wouldn't work just E-mail me and let me know whats the problem..........


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