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  Hints and Tips for: Full Throttle 
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 Full Throttle Cheats

Full Throttle

Watch The Ending Sequence:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

During gameplay press Left-Shift + W. 

Checkout The Vehicles:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Stay still! Do not move or touch any of the objects for a few minutes. A
screen will appear that shows various vehicle.

Press SHIFT-V during a fight on the old mine road to win it.
Press CTRL-C during the destruction derby to pass it.

Shredding bunnies:
Steal an extra box of bunnies and save them until near the end. When you
are on the front of the truck speeding down the highway, open up the engine
compartment. Get the box out of the inventory and put it on the engine fan.
Ben will put the rabbits in the blade one at time and shred them. 
Also, in his rough voice he will say "Cool".

Play with a knife:
After you fix your bike all up from the crash and go back to the "Kick Stand" 
(the bar you start the game in), there will be a Semi in the front. Enter the 
bar, there will be a man at a table playing with a knife, stabbing around his 
fingers, and sometimes hitting his fingers. Talk to the man (Emmet) at the 
table and say to him "I know how to do that". He will give a remark. 
Keep bothering him by saying "I know how to do that," and "Let me show you how 
to do that". Eventually he will say "All right, if it'll shut you up". You can 
now play the same game with the knife and your hand, and can even give yourself 
cuts. You may do this as many times as desired.

New engine:
Kill all the bikers on the old main road, then turn right twice, left six times, 
then right. You will get a new motorbike engine.

Chain saw:
Pick up some of the green powder at the site where the trailer crashed. Use it
to defeat the woman with the chain saw. The chain saw can defeat any other 
biker, including the blind goggle types.

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