Gothic 2 - Gold Edition Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Gothic 2 - Gold Edition 
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 Gothic 2 - Gold Edition Cheats

Gothic 2 - Gold Edition

Submitted by: Haspa

Press C during game play, then type "marvin" to activate the console. 
Press C again to exit, then press [F2] to display the console window. 

Result                             Code 
Edit player abilities sub-menu   - edit abilities 
Enable God mode                  - cheat god 
Extend view to near infinity     - zfogzone 
Heal player                      - cheat full 
Invisible to all enemies         - invisible 
Slightly better appearance       - zhighqualityrender 
Spawn indicated item             - insert [name] 
Switch to first person view      - first person 
Warp to front of Xardas' tower   - goto waypoint Xardas 
Warps to the Khorinis lighthouse - goto waypoint lighthouse

Get unlimited gold:
Submitted by: VIKASH GUPTA

In gothic2 notr their is a glitch of which you can take advantage.when you 
find the paybook of FRANCIS in JHARKENDAR read it and talk to him about it,
give it to him & he will give you the key to GREG'S HUT but dont enter the 
hut now and make a save game here (just in case), after that beat him up 
(don' kill him)and loot his body and when he get up talk to him and give him 
the book again that you've looted and he will give you 500 gold pieces. 
You can do this as many times as you like(UNLESS YOU ARE SATISFIED).
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